Kinetic Motor Company
Kinetic divests entire Mahindra Two Wheelers’ stake to Samena Capital
25 February 2014
Firodias to merge KEL and KMCL
10 December 2011
Sulajja Firodia Motwani to host TV show on corporate values on Zee Business
29 January 2010
Kinetic Motors to retire debt with M&M cash
31 July 2008
M&M in aquisition deal with Kinetic Motors
30 July 2008
Kinetic Motor spurts on news of M&M's buyout talks
14 May 2008
Kinetic launches SYM Flyte; to reposition Kine on electric platform
29 December 2007
Kinetic to reposition some of its models
18 October 2007
Kinetic Motor expects Flyte to spur revival
16 October 2007
Food security is as important as national security, says Arun Firodia
01 March 2007
Kinetic equips the Blaze with disc brakes
21 December 2006
Kinetic Blaze blazes ahead in the design contest
11 December 2006
Kinetic Motor exports scooter to Japan
02 August 2006
Citicorp Finance to invest Rs94 crore in Kinetic Motor Company
22 June 2006
Sangyang to introduce two-wheelers in alliance with Kinetic Motors
09 February 2006
Kinetic 4s more fuel efficient than Honda Activa: test report
24 January 2006
Kinetic to issue 11.1% stake to Taiwan's $1-Billion Sanyang Industry Co
10 January 2006
Tata Indicom, Kinetic Motor in strategic alliance
27 June 2005
Kinetic''s Italjet range expected from April 2005
17 February 2005
Kinetic launches India''s first 135cc gearless scooter
30 July 2004
Grey Worldwide gets creative responsibilities for the Kinetic Nova advertising
12 June 2004
Kinetic Motor launches ''Zing 80''
01 June 2004
Kinetic Aquila launched in Chennai
10 May 2004
Kinetic Motor announces ''Rewards Month''
17 April 2004
Transforming Kinetic
03 April 2004
Kinetic Nova to hit Europe this month
16 March 2004
Kinetic launches the limited-edition Aquila
20 February 2004
Kinetic to launch seven international bestseller scooters from Italjet over the next two years
14 January 2004
Kashmir-Kanyakumari rally : Kinetic Nova gives 65.79 kmpl
24 December 2003
NID-Businessworld award for auto design goes to Kinetic Nova
23 June 2003
Kinetic rolls out Zing Rockin''
09 June 2003
Kinetic Nova wins ICICI Overdrive scooter of the year award
17 February 2003
Kinetic declares scooter industry’s first 2-year warranty policy
12 December 2002
Focus on organisation building, not merger
13 August 1999
Strategic degrees of freedom
13 August 1999
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