Johnson Controls conducts study on the female perspective on cars

Mumbai: When choosing a vehicle, women want design options that offer flexibility, allow them to connect to the outside world and offer more storage space, according to a study conducted by Johnson Controls in the United States and Europe. The study was carried out in response to the recent women-focused trends and market indicators highlighting the increasing buying power of women.

The company will utilise the data to inspire and drive industrial design and new product development that meets the evolving needs of women.

Interestingly,the United States and European results of the study were mostly similar and highlighted that when women are in transition, whether a recent college graduate or a retiree, transition resonated throughout the interviews. Women's life stages, mind sets and responsibilities are evolving and their vehicles need to transition to address these changes. From the working woman with her mobile office to "mom's taxi service," vehicles need to be customised to offer features and products that meet their expanding roles.

The report also said that women of all ages are incredibly connected to technology and depend on the most recent technological advances to feel more connected to their family and friends. For women, technology is more than simply gadgetry and electronics as it offers them the safety, security and convenience they desire.

Women are creating their own storage areas because their vehicles (across most segments) fail to provide them with adequate space. In addition they prefered to have reconfigurable storage compartments that truly optimise available space. The study revealed that women long for greater style in their vehicles and miss the excitement of driving more "fun, non-mom" vehicles.

The Johnson study indicated that women are environmentally conscious and are convenient to their lifestyle and sensitive to their budget.