Infosys, Fujitsu tie up to enhance functionality of product suite

Infosys, with its global experience, will provide co-development and functionality enhancement services to the Fujitsu suite of software products. Infosys will enhance Fujitsu processes by bringing in new technology and IT skills. Through its association with Fujitsu, Infosys has entered the arena of product development in the Asia Pacific region.

Infosys will partner with Fujitsu in the area of middleware product development. The Infosys-Fujitsu relationship started in February 2002 and is expected to grow in the coming years. Fujitsu hopes to use Infosys' global experience and presence to roll out its products to new geographies across the globe.

Infosys recently opened an offshore development centre in India totally dedicated to Fujitsu projects. Started with 50 professionals, the centre will scale up to meet business requirements. Using its Global Delivery Model (GDM) — a proven framework for distributed project management and multi-location engagement teams — Infosys provides clearly defined process guidelines on software development standards that reduce engagement risk and ensure quality as the company accelerates the pace of product development.

"We are very happy with the value addition Infosys has brought to Fujitsu. Their expertise and skills have helped us to cost-effectively respond to business and market changes, and adapt in real-time to constantly changing requirements from our customers. Their strong process orientation along with domain knowledge has helped Fujitsu reduce time to market and significantly improve customer service and loyalty. Their experience in working across geographies will be an asset to Fujitsu in the global roll out of the Fujitsu strategic middleware products, Interstage and Systemwalker. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Infosys," says Fujitsu group president (software group) Yoshiyuki Tanakura.

Says Infosys director and member of board (Asia Pacific region) Srinath Batni: "Our partnership with Fujitsu has enabled us to innovate with technology and IT solutions to bring tangible business benefits to the product development company. We have been able to creatively use technology to make the Fujitsu products more robust and flexible to meet rapidly changing market requirements."

Adds Infosys business development manager (Asia Pacific) Prasanna Vatkar: "As we move ahead, Infosys will continue to help Fujitsu deliver high-quality and aggressive time-to-market solutions. The GDM, pioneered by Infosys, will empower Fujitsu to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing market by leveraging IT to be a competitive advantage for them."