i-Vantage India unveils ERM initiative Maitree's Karma Yatra

Hyderabad: To strengthen the relation between the management and the employees, the Hyderabad-based i-Vantage India has introduced a new initiative called Maitree's Karma Yatra.

Launched as part of the company's human resources exercise, its main objective is to promote employee relation management (ERM) effectively in the organisation. i-Vantage believes the initiative will help the overall development of the organisation and the employees as well.

How is it going to achieve this? Says ADP Dealer Services (US) director Ayush Maheshwari: “Under this initiative, employees of i-Vantage in India, the US and the UK will come together to share their professional experience and expertise besides understanding each other. Such meetings will be held once or twice a year. It will be a value-adding exercise to the employees.“

As part of the initiative, the company will offer regular training programmes for employees. Maheshwari says Karma Yatra is a three-stage process — Karm Yatri (employees), Karm Nivas (employee's house) and Karm Bhoomi (workplace).

i-Vantage is the operations managers for ADP India Dealer Services (P) Ltd, a 100-per cent subsidiary of ADP, a fortune 3000 company in the US. It offers end-to-end offshore solutions in IT, call centres and back-office support.

Says i-Vantage India CEO Rajesh Agarwal: “While companies often come out with various initiatives that are focused on the respective management or on their clients, hardly anyone will focus on building strong relationships with its biggest asset: an employee. A research on what's missing led i-Vantage India to this initiative.“