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Hindustan Unilever to set up ''hairwash domes'' to promote Dove news
04 September 2007

Mumbai: Having secured a one per cent value share over the three month period since its launch, Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) is now set to take its Dove haircare brand to malls and beauty parlours.

The company has also allocated part of its promotion and advertising budget on the internet and mobile platforms to further increase awareness about the brand.

The company is planning to target 12 - 13 malls across metros by setting up ''hairwash domes'', where consumers can come in for a free hairwash experience.

Some of these consumers would have the option of getting themselves photographed by professional photographers, and have their photographs displayed at a hair exhibition to be organised by the company under the tag ''Dove beautiful hair gallery''.

To evaluate consumer concerns and perceptions about their hair, HUL is surveying women consumers on how they feel about their hair, and whether they are really happy with it.

The hairwash experience would be provided to consumers who have been unhappy with their hair. The Dove photo-gallery exhibition is to be the culmination of HUL''s concept of ''Real Women, Real Beauty'', with Dove showcasing pictures of real women.

Dove is being positioned as a wellness brand; differentiated form HUL''s other beauty hair care brands such as Sunsilk and Clinic. The company plans to leverage the brand to create a new segment in hair care, with the new treatments available under the Dove brand in conditioning and nourishment.

Given the price and product overlaps with other hair care brands, HUL wants to build Dove on the wellness platform, expanding on the equity of its soap brand under the same name.

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Hindustan Unilever to set up ''hairwash domes'' to promote Dove