Hindustan Lever starts Ayush Ayurvedic Science Centre

New Delhi: Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) has announced the launch of Ayush Ayurvedic Science Centre, formed with the aim to promote and nurture an appreciation and understanding of the scientific truths of ayurveda, and their application in a holistic way of life.

This centre will focus its efforts on creating a platform for scientific enquiry of ayurveda, and disseminating this knowledge through collaborations with leading national and international scientific, ayurvedic and medical experts and institutions.

Says HLL head (herbal research) Dr D B Ananthanarayana: "Standardised quality is today the key issue in the development of ayurvedic medicines. Survival of various players will depend to a large extent on the way these issues evolve. This forum is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of confirming the truth of ayurveda through the prism of western science."

Adds HLL technical head (consumer healthcare Dr Anisha Pargal: "We have launched this centre to contribute to and increase the appreciation of the scientific principles of ayurveda within the scientific and medical community as well as the public at large. We are committed to providing all the necessary support to further the cause of the centre."

The centre will pursue its objectives through initiatives such as conducting national and international seminars, sponsoring research programmes, promoting health initiatives for the benefit of the public, disseminating information on various aspects of ayurveda to the scientific and medical community and the public. The centre will also actively pursue and further the cause of ayurveda in national and international forums.