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Surf Excel Automatic, a low lather detergent, launchednews
New Delhi:
12 April 2003

New Delhi: Hindustan Lever (HLL) has launched Surf Excel Automatic, a low lather detergent specially formulated for both top- and front-loading washing machines.

The new Surf Excel Automatic is a specialist detergent in the category suitable for all kinds of washing machines. It was launched keeping in mind the large growing base of washing machine owners in India.

Surf Excel Automatic, an anti corrosive and clothes friendly powder, has been recommended by washing machine manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Electrolux Kelvinator, Videocon, Siemens, IFB and Whirlpool.

The product is formulated with high-quality phosphate builders and multi-active surfactant system to deliver superior clean in washing machine wash protocol. Even under stressed wash conditions of high soiling and full load Surf Excel Automatic is designed to provide excellent detergency.

In addition, the detergent also contains detergency aids such as anti-redeposition agents and optical brighteners. This formulation is further fortified with safe bleach system and enzymes for superior stain removal in washing machines.

Says Electrolux Kelvinator Washing Machines assistant general manager (marketing) Pradeep Thukral: ''We recommend Surf Excel Automatic as a specialist powder for washing machines. It is a low sud detergent that dissolves completely with the clothes, leaving no harmful residue behind, thus ensuring a longer life for the clothes and the machine.''

The new Surf Excel Automatic packaging is the first of its kind - that allows convenience and accuracy of dosage so that getting perfect results in a washing machine is now simple and easy. It is a handy stand-up box with sachets inside.

The packet has been uniquely designed with a pullout opening at the bottom for individual sachets. Every wash load requires two sachets to complete the wash cycle; 1 kg of Surf Excel Automatic is available for Rs 145, while the 600gm sachet box, which contains 30 sachets, is available for Rs 90.

Says HLL marketing manager Sanjay Behl: ''With a large and growing base of washing machine users in the country, there are only a handful of detergents that are either suited for top- or front-loader washing machines. To bridge the gap between the two, we have launched Surf Excel Automatic. This is part of our endeavour to provide the best to our consumers through constant innovation.''

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Surf Excel Automatic, a low lather detergent, launched