Sunsilk launches pro-conditioner with Nutra-C, lotus flower extracts

Mumbai: Sunsilk, the largest beauty shampoo brand from Hindustan Lever (HLL), has extended its portfolio to conditioners with the introduction of Sunsilk Pro-Conditioner. The new Sunsilk Pro-Conditioner with Nutra-C and Lotus Flower extracts prevents hair damage by protecting it from the drying effects of the sunrays and strengthens each hair strand to make it soft and silky.

Priced at Rs 50 for 100ml bottles and Rs 2.50 for 8ml sachets, the product will be available across India. With the launch of the pro-conditioner, Sunsilk has strengthened its hair care product range, which already includes four-shampoo variants: Sunsilk Black Shine, Sunsilk Silky Strength, Sunsilk Natural Nourishment and the latest Sunsilk Moisturising Anti-dandruff Shampoo.

Says HLL business unit head (hair care) D Shivakumar: “Expert studies have shown us that everyday activities like rough brushing, incorrect combing, harsh sunlight and pollution take a toll on one's hair, making it dull and lifeless. Sunsilk Pro-Conditioner, with ingredients like Nutra-C and lotus flower extracts, forms a protective layer around each hair strand making it more manageable, strong and lustrous.“

In an exclusive tie-up with Shopper's Stop, Sunsilk salons were set up in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai for a period spanning a month. Customers were offered free hair care and styling consultations by Sunsilk hair experts Jawed Habib and Samantha Kochhar. As part of their direct marketing exercise, free Sunsilk Pro-Conditioner sachets were distributed to customers for the first time at these Sunsilk salons.

Sunsilk as a hair care and hair expert brand has constantly evolved, innovated and changed with the times. Right from the launch of different hair shampoos, to shampoos plus conditioners to hair colours, Sunsilk has been the pioneer in the field of hair care. Perhaps the greatest innovation Sunsilk has brought to this field is the concept of the Sunsilk Hair Expert, a professional trained in the art of hair care and styling, to whom one could turn to with any hair care problem or issue.

Habib and Kochhar are currently the Sunsilk Hair Experts, who with their experience and expertise have together with Sunsilk revolutionised the very concept of hair care. The Sunsilk shampoo range includes Sunsilk Black Shine shampoo, Sunsilk Silky Strength, Sunsilk Natural Nourishment along with Sunsilk Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.