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Kwality Wall’s enters summer with first-ever Double Sundaesnews
Sunayana Shetty
10 February 2003

Mumbai: Extending the sundae portfolio this summer, Kwality Wall’s brings a ‘double treat’ with two splendid Double Sundaes. Each double sundae tub offers two distinctive flavours, two luscious sauces with two delicious toppings.

Giving consumers two reasons to celebrate, each double sundae tub now has something for everyone in the family. Consumers can enjoy their favourite flavour individually or combine both the flavours to make one fantastic dessert experience.

The Choco Almond & Honey Fudge Double Sundae offers a rich chocolate base drenched in mocha sauce topped with crunchy roasted almond as well as a rum-n-raisin base, honey sauce and caramel fudge. These two flavours are great as individual desserts and combined, present an equally delicious mix of flavours, sauces and toppings.

The other Double Sundae variant — the exotic Passion Fruit & Kiwi — will be hitting the market later this month. In the tub, one rosette offers Kiwi flavour, topped with strawberry sauce and pineapple bits and the other offers passion fruit flavour, blackcurrant sauce and blackcurrant bits.

The Kiwi fruit is one of the world’s most singularly delicious and highly nutritious fruits, originally from China but now known to grow best in New Zealand. The aromatic Passion fruit, native to Brazil, lends its heady tropical sweet-sour flavour to the delightful orchestration of flavours and textures.

The Black Currant sauce has been specially formulated by Kwality Wall’s. Black Currants, grown in Europe, the US and Chile, rich in vitamin C and minerals, are used to make exotic jellies, jams, drinks and sauces the world over. This completely international double sundae brings the Kiwi and Passion fruit flavours for the first time ever in India.

Kwality Wall’s has emerged as the trendsetter in product innovation by bringing never- before flavours and desserts to the consumer. The double sundae tub has been introduced after a stringent product development process and extensive consumer sampling. The flavours that have emerged combine the best international flavours that appeal to the Indian palette in a completely new packaging format.

The novel international packaging of the double sundae tub makes it extremely convenient to serve from, refreeze with no wastage and can also be reused for storage. Both the Double Sundaes are priced at Rs 150 for a tub and are available to consumers across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad.

There is also an interesting history to sundaes. In the 1980s, when this delightful dish was first put together in the US, it was against the law to sell soda and consequently, ice-cream sodas on Sundays. So the trend of serving ice-cream with sauces and toppings instead of soda began. Soon, ice-cream sundaes became so popular that people opted for this dessert on weekdays as well.

Kwality Wall’s Sundaes were launched in 2001 in India in chocolate, strawberry and mango flavours. Soon the next level of innovation was introduced with the exotic Black Currant Sundae last year. And 2002 also saw the launch of Kesar Magic Sundae and Mocha Almond Sundae that have become the favourites in the take-home category.

Kwality Wall’s, a brand of Hindustan Lever (HLL), currently commands a market share of more than 50 per cent of the organised Indian ice-cream sector. Kwality Wall’s has combined the state-of -the-art technical know-how of Unilever, the global leader in ice-cream products, with a deep insight of the Indian market, to deliver a range of superior quality products under its international brands.

It recently revamped its complete brand portfolio and brand proposition in line with HLL’s brand focus exercise. The essence is captured in the new baseline: ‘Ho jaaye dil ka connection…’ a proposition which captures the fun of bonding between families and friends.

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Kwality Wall’s enters summer with first-ever Double Sundaes