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Japanese Hakuhodo and Indian Percept in 50:50 alliance news
Our Convergence Bureau
14 October 2002
Mumbai: The $5.42-billion Hakuhodo, the second largest advertising agency in Japan and the ninth largest advertising group in the world, has announced its plans to increase its presence in the Indian and Asian markets (outside Japan) through a 50:50 partnership with Percept, one of India’s leading advertising agencies.

With the new partnership in Percept’s advertising business, Hakuhodo will actively use the five brands owned by Percept to spearhead its growth in India and various Asian markets, including India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Middle East.

Percept owns Percept Advertising, AMO Communications, Percept Gulf and Imageads and Hakuhodo Percept that specialise in specific market segments such as Japanese Brands, MNC Brands, Indian Brands and Corporates, Niche Clients, Below the Line, Financial Sector and PSUs in India and the Middle East.

Says Hakuhodo executive officer Tomokazu Jimbo: “Hakuhodo and Percept already have a successful 50:50 joint venture advertising agency, Hakuhodo Percept Pvt Ltd, in India that has been working with some of Hakuhodo’s global clients like Suzuki, Sharp, Epson and Matsushita.

“At a time when we were planning to increase our presence in India and various parts of Asia, we decided to deepen the relationship with Percept through an equal partnership, which we hope will extend the successful model that has been set forth by Hakuhodo Percept into new markets and services.”

Says Percept Advertising managing director Harindra Singh: “We expect to further strengthen Percept’s client relationships using enhanced learning developed by the over-100-year Hakuhodo experience, its proprietary tools and expertise. In addition, we are truly excited at the prospect of working alongside one of the world’s leading agencies towards our vision of developing Percept into a truly pan-Asian agency network.”



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Japanese Hakuhodo and Indian Percept in 50:50 alliance