Google unveils new products from Google Labs

Google has introduced several new search products and services including a new Google Similar Images Search feature to search for images on the net. Google Similar Images Search feature improves upon the current Google Images tool which, though is in itself a great tool for image searches, on the net is less than perfect, to say the least.

For example when you want to search for Paris and enter the text in the search bar there is no way for the tool to know whether you are searching for Paris – the French capital or Paris Hilton, the Hollywood siren. So, the results you would end up with would include a lot of assorted images related to the word Paris including the city, the star and a lot else that may not be even remotely connected to what you are looking for.

But the innovative Google geeks ever on the look out for improving things have come out with a solution to the problem – Google Similar Images. Similar Images features as a link below the thumbnails that pop up when users perform an Image Search. Users can then click on the link to narrow the results to the images they are looking for.

For example while searching for images under the word ''jaguar'' clicking the link under an image of the big cat that will be thrown up will narrow the results down to more images of the big cat, while a similar link will lead to more images of the luxury car brand.

The feature basically offers a way to narrow down the search results to what you are looking for. Google has already introduced an image size field that allows users to specify what images they are looking for – clip art, news photographs etc.

With a new feature also added recently, users can specify a dominant colour in an image to narrow down the search to images with a particular dominant colour, for example a red flower a yellow car etc.