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Godrej Tea introduces new value packaging in tea industry news
Our Corporate Bureau
10 December 2003
Mumbai: Godrej''s two tea brands — Godrej Noble House and Godrej Chai House — take a giant leap in value-added packaging in the tea industry with the launch of their new unbreakable ''airtight containers''.

This innovative packaging, which is the first of its kind in packaged tea, helps retain the aroma and freshness of tea for a longer period. Unlike ordinary packaging, which is thrown away after use, these new environmentally friendly containers give consumers an opportunity to create an interesting and colourful collection of airtight containers for their kitchen.

Godrej Noble House is a unique luxury blend of the finest quality Assam and Darjeeling teas that gives connoisseurs a delicious and perfect balance of flavour and aroma. Godrej Chai House is a special ''secret'' blend which gives consumers a strong full-bodied ''Kadva nahin, kadak'' taste. It''s the perfect strong cup of tea but without the bitter taste that is associated with strong tea.

Says Godrej Tea marketing general manager Mrinmoy Mukherjee: "Our goal is to always offer our tea consumers superior value that is tangibly different. We are the only company that offers a blend of Assam and Darjeeling [Godrej Noble House] and we are again the only ones to have perfected a kadak blend without any bitterness [Godrej Chai House].

"This packaging innovation is in keeping with our goal of offering our consumers unique, differentiated and value added products. Our new airtight containers not only keep tea fresh and aromatic for longer but are also a great value addition to any kitchen cabinet because they are very attractive and can be collected and used for other food items long after the tea is over."

Godrej Noble House, the premium brand comes in a lavender colour airtight container and is priced at Rs 59.50 per 250gm Leaf Tea and Rs 54 per 250gm Dust Tea. Godrej Chai House, the popular brand, priced at Rs 46.50 for 250gm Leaf tea and Rs 42.50 for 250gm Dust tea, is available in an Orange coloured airtight container. The new 250gm airtight container will supplement the current 250gm cartons and polypacks that are available nationally.

Godrej Tea Ltd, a part of the Rs 4,500-crore Godrej group, launched three brands of tea in the Indian market in January 2003. The management team has been put together by tapping into the existing manpower base and hiring experts from outside. The company has two offices located in Mumbai and Kolkata. Blending and packaging of the teas are done at various locations across the country.

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Godrej Tea introduces new value packaging in tea industry