Chevy Optra Magnum: Stylise through Powerful Comfort

The Chevrolet Optra Magnum qualifies for a brand identity of 'Powerful Comfort'.

I once came across an intriguing article in a magazine. It was about two women in Vancouver, who specialise in a kind of personal branding. Carrie and Danielle offer what is known as a 'style statement' to individuals who look to augment their personal style. This is done through a simple two-word phrase that brings your style right to its quintessence. Carrie is 'Refined Treasure' and Danielle is 'Sacred Dramatic'.

If the Chevrolet Optra Magnum was to approach them, it would probably get a personal brand identity of 'Powerful Comfort'.

Chevy Optra MagnumMaking a style statement has now almost become a norm. 'Power yourself comfortably' seems to be the catchword of the Optra Magnum, the diesel variant of the Chevy Optra. The three variants, Max, LS and LT, are offered in the price range of Rs 8.74 lakh to Rs 9.99 lakh (ex-showroom).

General Motors might not be leading the pack any longer in its home market of the United States, but it has done remarkably well amongst contemporaries in India. It has now decided to spread its wings across all segments, and has thus launched the diesel variant in the D segment.

The Optra Magnum hits the road in the Indian subcontinent after Europe and Korea. GM has pitted it squarely against the Skoda Octavia, with its price below that of the petrol variant of the popular Skoda. The Optra is the first diesel from GM's stable, other than the extensively commercially-used multi-utility vehicle (MUV), Chevrolet Tavera.

Other than the economy of subsidised diesel, the Optra Magnum has everything that appeals to Indians – style, spacious interiors, plenty of refinement, and a knockout price tag. As soon as you step inside the car, rest assured, the first words out of your mouth would be – 'I love this Baby', or 'Gee, this looks gorgeous', or any of the billion equivalent statements.