Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
US FDA approves Glenmark's oral contraceptives
24 February 2016
Glenmark to raise Rs 945 crore from Temasek Holdings
17 April 2015
HC blocks Glenmark from selling US firm’s diabetes drug
20 March 2015
Glenmark recalls anti-ulcer drug in the US over tablet mix-up
19 April 2014
Glenmark receives US health regulator approval for Riluzole tablets
19 June 2013
Delhi HC refuses interim relief to Merck over Glenmark drug
05 April 2013
Glenmark wins favourable interim order in deal with Napo
14 January 2012
Glenmark to market Crofelemer despite Napo nix
15 December 2011
Glenmark files arbitration claims for Crofelemer against Napo
08 August 2011
Glenmark Pharma gets US FDA Final Approval For Nizatidine Capsules
18 July 2011
Glenmark sells new drug licence to Sanofi for $50 mn
17 May 2011
Glenmark Pharma files application of human trial in Netherlands for GRC 17536 molecule
17 February 2011
US FDA approves Glenmark's corticosteroid
10 August 2010
Glenmark enters into a settlement and license agreement with Sepracor Inc
09 August 2010
Glenmark Generics receives approval from the USFDA for Norethindrone tablets 0.35mg
23 July 2010
Merck settles Zetia patent suit with Glenmark
11 May 2010
Glenmark's US subsidiary gets US FDA approval for Tarka generic
10 May 2010
Glenmark Generics licenses branded drug to Taro USA
06 May 2010
Glenmark in $325-million drug deal with Sanofi-Aventis
03 May 2010
Glenmark launches Prasugrel for heart patients in India
29 April 2010
Glenmark settles malaria drug patent dispute with GlaxoSmithKline
12 April 2010
Glenmark launches two new generics in UK
07 April 2010
FDA accepts Glenmark’s painkiller oxycodone hydrochloride for review
01 April 2010
Glenmark receives FDA approval for Moexipril Hydrochloride tablets
18 March 2010
Glenmark gets nod to market skin cream in US
16 November 2009
Glenmark, Forest drug trial for COPD fails
19 August 2009
Glenmark faces GSK patent challenge in US over malaria drug
18 August 2009
Glenmark gets USFDA approval for cholesterol-lowering agent Ezetimibe
28 April 2009
Glenmark’s molecule for pain disorders clear Phase I trials in Europe
13 April 2009
Glenmark to withdraw painkiller from US market
02 April 2009
Glenmark receives approval from the US FDA for lithium carbonate capsules
05 February 2009
Glenmark gets US FDA approval for marketing Ranitidine
21 November 2008
Glenmark launches `Azathioprine' tablets in US
20 November 2008
Glenmark starts selling pain killer drugs in US
10 November 2008
Exelixis says GSK drug research deal to end
24 October 2008
Eli Lily's suspension of arthritis drug development expected to hit Glenmark's pipeline
24 October 2008
Glenmark gets ANDA approval from US FDA for generic betamethasone corticosteroid
25 September 2008
Glenmark acquires 7 pharmaceutical brands in Poland
02 July 2008
Glenmark gets USFDA approval for anti-hypertensive, Trandolapril
20 June 2008
Glenmark gets nod for marketing two drugs in US
30 May 2008
Glenmark's Swiss arm completes Phase I trials for monoclonal antibody GBR 500
10 April 2008
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals launches Clobetasol from its niche dermatology pipeline
17 March 2008
Glenmark receives milestone payment from Forest Labs for phase II study on Oglemilat
06 February 2008
US FDA approves Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Baddi semi-solids plant
28 January 2008
WHO grants international non-proprietary name Melogliptin to Glenmark Pharmaceuticals's anti-diabetic drug
14 January 2008
Glenmark Pharma to spin off generics unit, list new unit next year
17 November 2007
Glenmark signs up marketing deal with MyerZall Labs
27 October 2007
Glenmark and MeyerZall Laboratories to offers topical dermatology products in South Africa
25 October 2007
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to market epilepsy drug oxcarbazepine in the US
10 October 2007
Glenmark acquires rights to two therapeutic antibodies from Chromos
19 July 2007
Glenmark receives US FDA approval for cardiac and NSAIDs generics
16 May 2007
Glenmark confirms filing ANDA with ''paragraph IV certification'' for Zetia tablets
28 March 2007
Glenmark acquires Czech firm Medicamanta
26 March 2007
Glenmark in funded research agreement with Swiss firm Dyax
12 March 2007
Merck pays Glenmark Rs148 crore upfront for diabetes drug
19 December 2006
Glenmark to start clinical trials of painkiller in Europe
14 December 2006
Glenmark signs an additional deal for seven ANDAs with LVT
07 December 2006
Glenmark develops API for Napo''s phase III diarrhoea drug trials by US
17 November 2006
Glenmark gets DCGI nod for Phase II trials of diarrhoea drug
03 August 2006
Glenmark, Merck''s Generics in derma products pact in the UK
17 July 2006
Paul Royalty to finance drug development by Glenmark
05 June 2006
Glenmark, is India''s first pharma company to implement ''structured product labeling''
31 March 2006
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals announces new drug discovery for obesity
13 February 2006
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Clinical Research unit in India receives ANVISA approval
08 February 2006
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals acquires Bouwer Bartlett, South Africa
26 December 2005
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, InvaGen Pharmaceuticals in marketing tie-up
15 December 2005
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals targets GPs
10 October 2005
Glenmark acquires another brand in Brazil
18 March 2005
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals plans major foray into US markets
08 October 2003
Elder, Ajanta, Glenmark may buy known therapeutic brands
11 April 2003
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals to divest subsidiary for Rs 35 crore
10 February 2003
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