Gazprom Russia
Engineers India, Gazprom to jointly prepare blueprint for Russia-India gas pipeline
17 October 2016
India's petroleum minister, Russia's Gazprom discuss LNG supplies to GAIL
17 June 2016
Gazprom, European partners to build new gas pipeline to Germany
19 June 2015
Russia slams EUís antitrust charges against Gazprom
23 April 2015
EU to charge Russian gas giant Gazprom with market abuse
21 April 2015
Gazpromís production to hit an all time low in 2014
24 December 2014
Gas only for cash, Russiaís Gazprom tells Ukraine
17 June 2014
Russia makes gas price overtures to Ukraine in peace bid
12 June 2014
Russia, China sign 30-year gas deal
21 May 2014
Gazprom posts 7% decline in net profit
29 April 2014
European antitrust regulator threatens to charge Gazprom over gas pricing
04 October 2013
Russiaís Gazprom to buy LNG from Israelís Tamar project
27 February 2013
Russiaís Gazprom may charge Ukraine $2.7-5.7 bn fine: report
26 November 2012
Russiaís Gazprom, Polandís PGNiG settle gas price dispute
07 November 2012
European regulator launches probe against Gazprom
05 September 2012
Gazprom eyes German alternative energy company Envacom: report
24 October 2011
Gazprom on deal-signing spree with Indian gas importers
03 June 2011
Gazprom inks conditional deal with Petronet for LNG supply
02 June 2011
Gazprom mulls Indian upstream projects with Oil India
13 December 2010
Gazprom posts record $10.6 billion profit in Q1
02 September 2010
Gazprom starts Russiaís first CBM production facility
15 February 2010
Gazprom, Hungarian bank form South Stream joint venture
30 January 2010
Iraq seals $3.5-billion oil deal with Gazprom group
29 January 2010
Gazprom, CNPC sign deal on supply of Russian gas to China
29 December 2009
Gazprom looks to ExxonMobil for Sakhalin-1 gas
28 December 2009
Gazprom, EDF agree on gas deals
30 November 2009
Gazprom to set up oil venture with Petroleos de Venezuela
30 July 2009
Gazprom in $11.6-billion European pipeline deal with ENI, others
16 May 2009
Gazprom Neft acquires 16-per cent stake in Sibir Energy
24 April 2009
Russia's Gazprom gets foothold into US natural gas market
09 April 2009
Putin cuts European gas supplies via Ukraine
06 January 2009
Russia demands more from Ukraine for gas; EU says supplies steady for now
05 January 2009
Rosneft, Gazprom to share Russia's offshore oil and gas assets
27 May 2008
Gazprom buys off Siberian gas field from BP
23 June 2007
Russians offshore reserves to be Gazprom, Rosneft preserve
22 January 2007
Shell yields on divesting Sakhalin gas stake to Gazprom
22 December 2006
Shell may transfer control of Shakalin-2 to Gazprom
11 December 2006
exploration with Gazprom
10 February 2004
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