Fujitsu in talks to sell personal-computer business to Lenovo
06 October 2016
Fujitsu IaaS platform technology for on-demand physical servers
05 July 2013
Fujitsu unveils software to check pulse rate though smartphone camera
19 March 2013
Fujitsu unveils futuristic walking cane for the elderly
01 March 2013
Fujitsu Semiconductor achieves 2.5kW output in server power supply units
22 November 2012
Fujitsu Labs' compact optical transceiver technology double data speeds to 25 Gbps
31 May 2012
Japanese defence ministry developing search-and-destroy cyber virus
05 January 2012
Fujitsu launches Lifebook AH530 GFX model with advanced graphics
27 August 2010
Fujitsu releases one-touch internet access "Raku-Raku" mobile phone
22 July 2010
Anuj Kumar appointed VP HR, Fujitsu
31 May 2010
Fujitsu dramatically enhances colour electronic paper functionality
08 May 2010
Fujitsu, Symantec to boost global partnership
02 February 2010
Fujitsu unveils smallest multi-touch handheld PC, LifeBook UH900
02 December 2009
Fujitsu, Fuji Electric develop eco-friendly data centre technologies
29 September 2009
Fujitsu becomes among the first vendors to achieve multinational EPEAT certification
22 August 2009
Fujitsu's new supercomputer for RIKEN's up and running
08 August 2009
Toshiba and Fujitsu conclude final agreement on HDD business transfer
30 April 2009
Toshiba may buy Fujitsu’s hard-disk drive business to emerge as top manufacturer in the world
14 January 2009
Fujitsu launches digital HDTV system-on-chip , multi-decoder for enhanced performance
18 September 2008
Infosys target Axon may invite rival bids from Fujitsu, NTTSoft, HCL
11 September 2008
Fujitsu launches ultra-mini LifeBook U2010
06 September 2008
IT firms in UK double-counting carbon footprint: Fujitsu
08 August 2008
Siemens plans to pull out of joint venture with Fujitsu
06 August 2008
Fujitsu Microelectronics introduces Autosar 2.1-compatible driver for automotive onboard microcontrollers
23 July 2008
Fujitsu increases storage mobility to 500GB
15 July 2008
Fujitsu acquires Quebec-based Intélec Géomatique
07 February 2008
Fujitsu to realign and strengthen LSI business into subsidiary
21 January 2008
Fujitsu wins part of $1.5 billion Flag Telecom cable deal
04 September 2007
Fujitsu bid for GFI may falter as Apax hikes stake
06 August 2007
A new 24-hour store: Fujitsu's new 200 GB 2.5-inch 24x7 hard disk drive
25 July 2007
Fujitsu launches LifeBook P1510 in India
15 December 2005
Infosys, Fujitsu tie up to enhance functionality of product suite
20 October 2003
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