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Firstsource reflects ICICI Onesource's philosophy news
23 November 2006
"The name ''Firstsource'' captures our philosophy and mission: to be the first source of excellence for our customers and to be the first source that inspires and empowers employees to fulfill their aspirations," says Ananda Mukerji, MD and, CEO, Firstsource.

He added, "We feel fortunate that our name encapsulates our core mission. Our commitment to our clients and our employees is stronger than ever."

The visual mnemonic or the logo of Firstsource is a dynamic ellipse, moving in an upward and outward trajectory from a definite source. As Firstsource continues to expand globally, the company says, its energy will come from its customer-centric, people-oriented core.

The intertwining golden yellow and red were chosen because the yellow tinged with shades of orange represents knowledge and light, dynamism and transformation.

Red represents the passion Firstsource has for its business, customers and people.

Mukerji says, "The rebranding to Firstsource is a natural evolutionary step for the company. We are proud to have been a company promoted by the ICICI Group. We are equally proud that today we have established our own brand and a leading position in our industry. With both the ICICI Group and us expanding rapidly overseas it is necessary that we establish our distinct identities."

Firstsource (formerly ICICI OneSource) is among India's top three pure play outsourcing services providers. It provides customised business process transformation to global leaders in the Banking & Financial Services, Telecom & Media and Healthcare sectors.

The company currently has17 delivery centres in India, the UK, the US, Argentina and a centre under development in Philippines.

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Firstsource reflects ICICI Onesource's philosophy