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IT firms in UK double-counting carbon footprint: Fujitsu news
08 August 2008

Mumbai: A majority of information technology managers in the UK believe that the carbon footprint of outsourced IT operations should add to the overall footprint of their organisation, a study undertaken among 100 chief information officers of UK companies employing more than 1,000 people revealed.

But, that could be a double counting of total carbon emissions, says IT outsourcing provider Fujitsu Services, who commissioned the study.

The study found many senior decision makers in the IT space are in the dark as to the extent of carbon emissions from IT operations.

About 76 per cent of the IT decision-makers said the emissions from outsourced IT operations should qualify for the sourcing firm's carbon footprint, 24 per cent believe it would be overstating.

The study also found that significant numbers of IT departments are not  measuring IT's contribution to their own organisation's carbon credit.

Financial services sector firms were the most diligent with 68 per cent claiming to measure the impact while only 36 per cent in the manufacturing and 32 per cent in retail, distribution and transport measured the impact of IT on the organisation's carbon credit.

''If outsourcers take on the carbon footprint of their customers we are presented with an interesting conundrum as a company,'' said Juliet Silvester, head of environmental programmes at Fujitsu Services. ''Our carbon footprint will always grow as we grow. As we take on the IT operations of more customers so we add the carbon contribution of those operations to our own. However, because we run things more efficiently, the rise in our footprint should be less than the fall in theirs and overall emissions therefore reduced,'' she added.

Fujitsu said it organised the study to open an industry-wide debate on this issue and to arrive at a consensus and agree on guidelines for measuring carbon footprint.

London-based Fujitsu Services is the European IT services arm of the $43.2 billion Fujitsu Group.

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IT firms in UK double-counting carbon footprint: Fujitsu