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Embraer forecasts demand for over 13,000 business jets over next decade
17 November 2007

A just released Embraer market outlook foresees a demand for 13,150 business jets, worth some $201 billion, over the next decade.

In terms of segments, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer's projection includes 3,380 very light jets (VLJs); 2,810 light jets; 1,230 "mid-light" jets; 1,550 midsize jets; 1,470 super-midsize jets; 1,480 large-cabin jets; 920 ultra-long-range jets; and 310 ultra-large jets.

The company also noted that if the new air-taxi market takes hold, another 3,500 to 4,400 VLJs could be added to its forecast.


Embraer's executive jet division holds a firm order backlog of close to $4 billion, and firm orders for the Phenom 100 VLJ and Phenom 300 light jet stand at close to 600 aircraft alone.

Next year it expects to deliver 30 to 35 super-midsize Legacy 600s, 10 to 15 Phenom 100 VLJs and two ultra-large Lineage 1000s.

send this article to a friendIn 2009, the production rate of the Phenom 100 and 300 is projected to reach 120 to 150 units combined, and the company plans to deliver four to six Lineage 1000s.

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Embraer forecasts demand for over 13,000 business jets over next decade