Dow Corning launches 42 new food-grade lubricating fluids

Mumbai: Dow Corning has expanded its line of industrial lubricants for customers in India by adding 42 new food-grade synthetic fluids and ultra high-purity mineral oils that can last up to 10 times longer than conventional products.

Marketed as 'Molykote brand High-Performance Industrial Fluids', the new fluids are particularly suited for plant operations in the food and beverage industry due to their resistance to emulsification with water, which causes viscosity degradation that contributes to mechanical wear and premature loss of machine usefulness.

Molykote fluids are available in a wide range of viscosities, and are formulated for use in hydraulic, compressor and vacuum pumps; gearboxes, chains, and a wide variety of machines and components. The Molykote fluids conform to requirements under H-1 or H-2 designations of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and many are kosher-approved.

In addition to the new fluids, the Molykote brand product line includes the company''s traditional offering of speciality greases, compounds, pastes, anti-friction coatings, and dispersions. To meet the dramatic temperature variations from freezers to ovens, the product line includes lubricants with operating temperature capabilities ranging from -226oC to 1400oC.

In addition to their use in the food and beverage industries, Molykote fluids and lubricants are typically used in chemical and petrochemical processing, automotive manufacturing, power generation, and the pulp and paper industries as well as a wide variety of maintenance and repair operations in general business and industrial facilities.

The superior performance of Molykote industrial lubricants is mainly due to a proprietary additives package that significantly reduces oxidation rates due to elevated pressures and temperatures, which can cause premature lubricant breakdown. In addition, their special 'engineered' base fluid chemistry makes them inherently more resistant to oxidation and emulsion than competitive products.