Dabur comes of age with a Real Twist

Chennai: A decade is a long time for a business to be taken for granted. To keep the interest alive, every business needs a real good twist. And that is precisely what Amit Burman, CEO, Dabur Foods Limited has done.

He has gone ahead and filled a gap in the company's product portfolio by launching a two-in-one fruit juice with a dual flavour under the label Real Twist.

It is true that mixed fruit drinks are available in the market. What is unique about Real Twist is that the drink distinctly gives out the taste of two fruits — first a mango flavour followed by apple, orange or pineapple depending on the flavour one opts for. The target market for this brand is the fun-loving teenager-segment, that is quite willing to experiment.

Usually health conscious, teenagers for no option apart from the fizzy carbonated drinks. And it is this segment that Dabur Foods is going out to attract.

Explaining the brand positioning, general manager, Sanjay Sharma, says, "The bulk of the fruit beverage brands are positioned as children's drinks with a doting mom being there to guide." Dabur Foods has launched its new brand and product under a new packaging and logo and has a revenue target of around Rs 75 crore in three years.