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New Coke ad highlights the essence of Diwali news
21 October 2008

Ringing in the festive season, Coca-Cola India launched the new integrated communication initiative, 'Deep Jala Ke Dekho', conceptualised by the McCann Erickson team.

According to Venkatesh Kini, vice president, marketing, Coca-Cola India, ''Brand Coca-Cola is all about infusing stream of fun, enjoyment and exhilaration into every moment of life. The creative thought of the new ''Deep Jala Ke Dekho'' campaign is to capture, how the magical power of Coca-Cola bottle especially during the festive season brings family, friends and even strangers together to celebrate happy moments. I am confident that the consumers will strongly identify with both the lingo and message of this campaign.''

The communication initiative, leverages on the key insight that the festive season is the time for celebrations and sharing moments of joy and fun filled happiness with others. Being amongst friends and family members and even strangers and having food with favorite soft drink - Coca-Cola, during the festival only adds to this excitement.

Ad storyboard
The latest TV commercial revolves around a ''Jungle Boy'' who is completely ignorant about the urban life and is used to the serene life of the jungle. While resting peacefully on the trunk of the tree, the ''Jungle Boy'', suddenly wakes up to the sound of a rocket falling on the ground and says ''Yokangya''. To his utter astonishment, he sees lightning in the sky and runs behind it. He comes across a Coca-Cola truck and hops on it in amazement.

The truck starts moving with the boy clinging on to it. The truck stops in a town where people are burning crackers and celebrating. A little girl finds the frightened Jungle Boy and runs away in fright. But her entire family comes to him and invites him to join in the celebrations by offering him a sparkler.

Initially hesitant, the boy comes forward and grabs a bottle of Coca-Cola offered to him and no sooner thjan does he gulp it, he begins to shed his inhibitions, and joins the entire family in the celebrations, burning crackers and, of ourse, drinking Coca-Cola and sharing the moments of fun and happiness together.

"When the campaign was conceived, we thought of showing the large heartedness of people and the festival,"  comments Prasoon Joshi, executive chairman, and regional executive creative director, Asia Pacific, McCann Erickson,  on the creative thoughts behind the campaign.

Joshi explains, "The soul of Diwali or for that matter any festival in India is inclusiveness. 'Jalao diye, par rahe dhyan itna; andhera dhara pe kahin reh na jaye', is lighting diyas in diwali is not only for yourself; the true spirit of the festival is in sharing the lights, sharing the joy with other people.

"If one looks down the Coca-Cola history, the brand has always stood for 'share my dream, share my Coca-Cola'. Brand Coca-Cola has always believed in sharing and this is what we are trying to communicate through this campaign," he added.

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New Coke ad highlights the essence of Diwali