Cadbury Schweppes
Chocolate lovers slam Cadbury over changing recipe of Crème Eggs
12 January 2015
UK high court ruling upholds Cadbury's claims over colour purple
03 October 2012
Kraft keeps promise: shuts Cadbury’s Somerdale factory
03 January 2011
Workers shocked as UK knights man who sold Cadbury
01 January 2011
Kraft to move part of Cadbury to Switzerland to avoid UK taxes
06 December 2010
Former Cadbury chairman calls for UK to tighten takeover rules
10 February 2010
Kraft to raise $4 billion through bond sale for Cadbury acquisition
04 February 2010
Shareholders approve Kraft's acquisition of Cadbury
03 February 2010
After Hershey, Ferrero rules out counterbid to Kraft's offer for Cadbury
25 January 2010
Hershey rules out a counterbid for Cadbury
23 January 2010
Cadbury finally falls to Kraft’s sweetened bid
19 January 2010
Hershey prepares to bid for Cadbury: report
14 January 2010
Cadbury makes a last ditch effort to thwart Kraft hostile bid
13 January 2010
Kraft raises cash offer for Cadbury with sale of pizza unit to Nestle
06 January 2010
Berkshire Hathaway slams Kraft bid for Cadbury
06 January 2010
Kraft's $3.7-billion sale of pizza unit to Nestle may fund Cadbury acquisition
05 January 2010
Cadbury dubs Kraft’s offer as “cheap steal”
14 December 2009
Cadbury workers to campaign against Kraft’s takeover
11 December 2009
Cadbury once again to reject Kraft’s “unappealing” offer
07 December 2009
Nestle also interested in Cadbury
23 November 2009
Hershey reportedly mulling $17 billion solo bid for Cadbury
21 November 2009
Hershey, Ferrero to rival Kraft’s bid for Cadbury
19 November 2009
Kraft goes hostile with original offer
10 November 2009
Kraft confirms $9-billion loan for Cadbury acquisition
04 November 2009
Pandas delight in new Cadbury Gems ad
13 October 2009
UK regulator sets 9 November deadline for Kraft's Cadbury bid
30 September 2009
Cadbury UK launches Caramel Nibbles
23 September 2009
Cadbury tells Kraft to “put up or shut up”
22 September 2009
Warren Buffett warns Kraft not to overbid for Cadbury
17 September 2009
Kraft’s low growth business model unappealing: Cadbury
14 September 2009
Hershey's, Nestle may counterbid for Cadbury
10 September 2009
Cadbury rejects Kraft Foods' $16.7 billion merger offer
07 September 2009
Cadbury to add Fairtrade mark to Dairy Milk brand in Canada, Australia and New Zealand
26 August 2009
Cadbury's European president Tamara M Scokalo quits
07 July 2009
Cadbury sells Schweppes Beverages to Asahi for $796 million
14 March 2009
Cadbury to achieve Fairtrade certification
05 March 2009
Cadbury warns of `milk!' in its `Dairy Milk' chocolate
12 January 2009
Cadbury sells Australian drinks business for $808 million
24 December 2008
Cadbury cuts 580 more jobs despite increased sales
15 October 2008
7UP to rescue of Earthlings from alien invaders
26 April 2008
Cadbury to spin off soft drinks business in North America
10 October 2007
Cadbury rejects bid for US drinks unit from Blackstone- Kohlberg Kravis Roberts - Lion Capital over financing terms
14 September 2007
Cadbury's to de-merge beverages business split
02 August 2007
Indian New Yorker sues Cadbury over ‘all natural’ Snapple
07 July 2007
Coke weighing Cadbury''s Snapple acquisition
06 July 2007
Cadbury out sources HR and accounting functions to Genpact
05 July 2007
Cadbury Schweppes selling soft drink unit, looking for new strategy
22 June 2007
Cadbury to sell beverages unit, slash jobs
20 June 2007
Cadbury pleads guilty in salmonella case
16 June 2007
Cadbury to acquire Turkey's Intergum for $450 million
07 June 2007
Cadbury breaks-up business in two parts
16 March 2007
Former owner of Cadbury's top brand acquires 2.9 per cent in Cadbury Schweppes
14 March 2007
Cadbury to be prosecuted over salmonella contamination
14 February 2007
LIC sells Cadbury (I) stake to Schweppes
04 April 2002
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