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Coca Cola launches international television commercial news
13 June 2009

Soft drink major Coca-Cola has launched its first international television commercial as part of its global campaign 'Open Happiness', being aired from today.

The new communication campaign 'Library' is the first international film of the global campaign (Open Happiness) to be aired in India.

The communication reinforces how sharing a Coca-Cola connects people, and brings a moment of happiness to an otherwise ordinary situation.

Targeted at the youth, the new campaign is about inviting people to welcome small moments of joy and happiness into their lives. The idea really is to pause, have a bottle of Coca-Cola and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

'Coca-Cola Open Happiness' is designed to serve as a platform for all integrated marketing initiatives for brand Coca-Cola globally. The latest communication is a follow up to the series of the campaign which leveraged the passion of 'Cricket' and 'Movies' by featuring cricketer Gautam Gambhir and actor Aamir Khan respectively.

The latest communication for 'Coca-Cola Open Happiness' has been conceptualised by Wieden + Kennedy, global agency for brand Coca-Cola.

The commercial goes like this. The 'Library' is a quiet place that comes alive with Coca Cola.

Two teens, a boy and girl, are studying in a quiet library, but soon get bored and begin to draw characters on their hands and arms. The boy then draws a Coke bottle on his arm. In response the girl pens a glass with ice cubes on hers. The drawings come to life as they reach across the table and touch hands as the now animated Coca-Cola pours out of the bottle drawing, down the guy's arm onto the girl's hand and into the glass she has drawn.

Coca-Cola connects people and brings a moment of happiness to an otherwise ordinary situation, is the message.

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Coca Cola launches international television commercial