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Coke's new on-the-go packaging innovation with new Sprite Xpress news
03 October 2008

Unleashing a refreshing wave this festive season, Coca-Cola India has launched Sprite Xpress Pack - a 350 ml on-the-go packaging innovation, priced at Rs15.

This is the first-of-its-kind initiative launched in India and is especially designed to offer convenience and adapts to dynamic and on-the-go lifestyle of the consumers.

The strategic initiative aims to build a stronger connect with the youth, who are always on the lookout for opportunities to move up the ladder and prefer Sprite simply because of its unmatched thirst quenching ability and stating facts as they are - ''Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas, Clear Hai?!".

The launch of Sprite Xpress -350 ml is supported by a 360 degree communication initiative designed to focus on the theme of mobility of the new and innovative packaging - Outwit to Outrun, communicated in a simple honest and straightforward manner - ''Sprite Xpress, Ghumo Ghumao?!''. To deliver the strategic messaging, the latest initiative would leverage a range of delivery channels - Out-of-Home Media, Digital Platforms and Mass Media Advertising.

According to Venkatesh Kini, vice president, marketing, Coca-Cola India, ''The Sprite Xpress packaging innovation will be the perfect complement to the on-the-move lifestyles of today's youth. The initiative will further strengthen the brand's connect with the youth. The new innovation will help expand the market and create a new category in packaging in the beverage industry. The Sprite Xpress Packaging initiative is being driven by an integrated campaign with a new TVC titled "Ghumo Ghumao?!'', and also many clutter- breaking innovations in the out-of-home space.''

The strategic initiative targets the youth by leveraging youth corridors through clutter breaking outdoor creatives all focusing on the new Sprite Xpress-350 ml packaging. To drive the message, ''Sprite Xpress Pack, Ghumo Ghumao?!'' a range of OOH media are being leveraged starting from shopping malls, parking areas, elevators, escalators, means of transport (on trains, buses and trucks) and other youth hang out zones to have location specific messages designed to break through the clutter and engage Sprite consumers.

Mukesh Manik and Tony Graver of Encyclomedia are the chief architects the out-of-home media campaign that is created using state-of-the-art 3D technology. The OOH advertising aims to leverage innovative mediums to dramatize the occasion benefit of the pack.

Innovative examples of leveraging OOH Media
Messaging for brand Sprite at the railway stations would have hoardings showing bottles of Sprite Xpress on the move at the station and inside the train. Another example being Sprite Xpress 350 ml creative's being put up at other public places, youth hang out zones and malls.

The storyboard
The latest innovation - Sprite 350 ml is further supported by an engaging TV campaign based on the theme- 'Outwit to Outrun'. The TVC narrates a story of a teenage boy whose Sprite Xpress is snatched by his friends and how he outwits them to get his bottle back, teaching them a few lessons on the way. The new campaign establishes the portability of the new pack in a very Sprite way. It is simple, witty and a spectacle to watch. The commercial ends with the tag line ''Sprite Xpress Pack, Ghumo, Ghumao!"

The TV commercial has been conceptualised by the team at Ogilvy & Mather, Delhi, led by Ajay Gahlaut. The TV commercial, shot in the picturesque locales of Malaysia has been directed by Lloyd Baptista, Nomad Films.

Commenting on the creative thoughts behind the campaign, Ajay Gahlaut, Group Creative Director-Delhi, Ogilvy & Mather said, ''The latest Sprite Xpress initiative captures the insight of today's youth who is always on the move and is looking for new ways to enhance his on-the-go lifestyle. The latest communication establishes the mobility of the new 350 ml packaging in a very simple and a straightforward manner and is surely a spectacle to watch. The music score composed by R. Anandh, uses 24 live percussion instruments, in a manner so as to add an energetic, truly Indian feel, yet with the attitude of Sprite"


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Coke's new on-the-go packaging innovation with new Sprite Xpress