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New data centre developments from Cisco, APW President news
18 July 2008

Cisco introduces new products; Indian company in foreign collaboration

There have been two recent developments in the world of data centres, both with an India connection. These are India-based APW President Systems' tie-up with London-based Global DataCenter Management, and the introduction of new products and professional services under its Data Centre 3.0 portfolio by networking leader Cisco.

To all those confused about what a data centre actually is, it can basically be defined as a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression), and special security devices.

The main purpose of a data centre is running the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. Such systems may be proprietary and developed internally by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors. Such common applications are ERP and CRM systems.

Data centres are also used for off site backups. Companies may subscribe to backup services provided by a data centre.

The new Cisco products include Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS), Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE), Cisco VFrame Data Centre, New Cisco Data Centre 3.0 professional programs and services.

They make the virtual network an efficient platform for delivering data centre services-accelerating, providing security, and orchestrating application delivery networks, servers, virtualised computing, and storage, while providing responsiveness and resource conservation.

These new offerings will enable data centres to accelerate, provide security and direct application delivery networks, servers, virtualized computing, and storage and will further result in reducing operational costs and enhancing asset efficiency, said the company.

APW President Systems, a provider of data centre infrastructure, announced its strategic partnership with London-based Global DataCenter Management to distribute nlyte, a data centre solution. The tie-up was announced at DataCentre 2008 Summit held in Mumbai on Tuesday.

President has also added a new product from its longtime associate - Unite Technologies. Called CL-Amp, the product is a purpose-built monitoring solution to monitor power usage and energy efficiency in legacy data centres.

nlyte targets both new as well as legacy data centres. On the other hand, CL-Amp is designed especially for legacy data centres. Explaining the rationale behind CL-Amp, Alistair Hunt (product manager) of Unite said, "We are seeing a lot of interest in new data centres. However a problem that is usually not addressed is how to make legacy data centres more efficient. CL-Amp is designed to address this issue."

President's Technology Products Division (TPD) will handle the new solutions. President will be responsible for marketing, implementation, and support for both the products in the region. With this addition to its existing portfolio of data centre solutions, President is expecting sales to cross Rs.30 crore in this fiscal year.

Explaining the rationale behind the launch in India, Michael Evans, CEO Global DataCentre, said, ''issues associated with poor supplies and the continued hot climate, organisations in India are in the need of solutions which will allow them to manage their data centre environments and control power and cooling requirements. Using nlyte will help sort out these challenges.''

The product is designed to help data centre managers make the most of their IT investments. The product has been planned by some IT professionals at the global level who were in charge of data centres during their earlier professions and also faced practical problems pertaining to data centres.

"While minimising complexity and costs, nlyte allows companies to model and mange their hardware, capacity, power, cooling, networking and space; reduce redundancy, enhance optimisation of IT assets and actively forecast and plan the development of their assets," said Satnam Singh, alliance manager, Global DataCentre.

Pramod Agashe, COO of APW President Systems said, "As these solutions are for a niche segment, there is a lot of potential to expand in this region. For the coming years, we are viewing every server in the Middle East and India as a potential user of nlyte, CL-Amp, etc."

However, he refused to divulge financial details of the partnership. "At the current level, we would not like to disclose any transaction details,'' he said. According to him, some big clients have showed interest in 'nlyte'. Some of these are NCR, Nokia and Reliance Communications.

President is planning to market these two new products as a package, along with its other in-house and third party solutions. However, according to Agashe, depending on the customer's needs, solutions could also be provided individually.

nlyte and CL-Amp will be available across all verticals and for organisations of all sizes. Pricing was not disclosed but would depend on the requirements of the customer and the scale of deployment.

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New data centre developments from Cisco, APW President