BrahMos Aerospace
BrahMos Aerospace awaits land transfer to ramp up production
08 January 2010
Airborne version of BrahMos cruise missile to be inducted in 2012
06 January 2010
Induction of air version of BrahMos by 2012: Dr Sivathanu Pillai
01 September 2009
BrahMos Block-II Land Attack version ready for induction after test firing
30 July 2009
IAF Sukhoi-30MKI jets in Russia for BrahMos aerial version retrofit programme
10 January 2009
Russia's UAC to co-develop hypersonic BrahMos missile only if Russian Air Force interested
07 October 2008
Submarine-launched version of BrahMos missile to be tested in India at year-end
22 August 2008
Indian Navy's follow-on submarine order to carry BrahMos cruise missiles
20 August 2008
Indian Army places $2 billion order for BrahMos missiles: Dr Sivathanu Pillai
19 August 2008
Aerial, sub-surface variants of the BrahMos cruise missile ready for tests
05 August 2008
Supersonic cruise missile BrahMos gets airborne variant
21 June 2008
BrahMos Aerospace to supply components and sub-assemblies to ISRO
18 June 2008
Hypersonic version of BrahMos undergoes successful lab test
13 May 2008
BrahMos may undergo year-end underwater test firing
20 March 2008
Scorpene submarine deliveries to Indian Navy will begin 2012
18 February 2008
BrahMos chief, Dr A Sivathanu Pillai, to be conferred Nayudamma award for 2007
22 January 2008
BrahMos Aerospace to convert Keltec as full-fledged production centre
05 December 2007
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