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BPL launches CampusZone to net college usersnews
Our Corporate Bureau
18 December 2004

Mumbai: BPL Mobile has introduced the innovative 'zoning' concept for the first time in the country with the launch of the mots Zone card. Aimed primarily at the15 to 24-year age group college student community, the service makes available lower rates on mobile calls and SMSs.

Zoning enables mobile subscribers to call other phones from within a defined zone / area at significantly lower rates. BPL Mobile has earmarked 15 campus zones to cover all the colleges in Mumbai.

Each zone covers the entire college campus and the favourite hangouts around the campus. Subscriber can choose their campus zone', to enjoy preferential rates for mobile phone usage. The mots Zone card offers low calling rates of 2 paisa to any phone, anywhere in the city from within the specific campus zone.

The special rates are available to all colleges falling within one campus zone. The calls outside the specific campus zone will be charged at normal rates. Users will also enjoy local SMS at only 50 paisa from within and outside their campus zone.

According to Sandip Basu, president and CEO, BPL Mobile, " With the launch of mots Zone card we are adopting a two-pronged strategy of enhancing the 'value proposition' with new features and services and increasing brand preference with new positioning and imagery.."

Adds Krishna Angara, executive VP, business operations, BPL Mobile, "Today 20 per cent of the mobile base in the city falls in the 15 to 24age group and this segment is growing rapidly. The mots Zone card is designed specifically for the college goers and youngsters by offering a fair and transparent pricing to deliver great value to their growing mobile usage. Our focus in the next six months is to innovate with technology and network to differentiate through services to build affinity in these emerging segments."

Mots Zone card subscribers also qualify to select a SMS 'buddy'mobile number to which they can send free SMS and SMS e-mail with the mobile number serving as a personal e-mail id to send and receive e-mails via SMS, plus the ususal features such as caller ring tunes, wallpapers, icons, etc. These users can also get STD / ISD on demand and pre-activated roaming facility for all over Maharashtra and Goa.

A recent study on mobile phone usage among teenagers and youngsters in Mumbai by Market Analysis and Consumer Research Organisation (MACRO) found that cellular phone ownership is independent of the working status of the customers. It also reveals that 76 per cent of the youth in the 15 to 19 age group and about 54 per cent in the 2 to — 2-age group respectively have pre-paid cards. Also, 81 per cent of pre-paid users refill their SIM cards monthly. The mots Zone card is targeted to cater specially for this segment and is available at Rs125.

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BPL launches CampusZone to net college users