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Bombay Dyeing plans to sell its apparels under Proline brandnews
Our Corporate Bureau
20 February 2003

Mumbai: Bombay Dyeing, which recently bought a major stake in Proline India, is in the process of revamping and consolidating its entire apparel business. The company now plans to sell its apparels under the Proline brand.

Proline India owns the Proline brand and is the licensee for Fila in India. With its stake acquisition in Proline India, Bombay Dyeing plans to slot the various brands in specific segments. Officials in Bombay Dyeing say Vivaldi will mark its presence as a value-for-money brand in men's formal wear while Proline will address the semi-formal, casual wear category.

Fila, for which Bombay Dyeing holds the marketing license, will offer a choice in the premium sportswear category. With Vivaldi's operations being shifted out of Mumbai, Bombay Dyeing's apparel business will henceforth be managed from Bangalore, home to a number of other major apparel companies such as Madura Garments and Indigo Nation.

Bombay Dyeing has undertaken the revamp mainly to effect a complete makeover of the Vivaldi brand and wants to position it as a value-for-money men's formal wear range. At present Vivaldi is positioned as a premium men's wear brand, competing against brands like Louise Philippe's and Van Huesen.

Also, with sourcing, buying, styling and manufacturing getting centralised under Proline India, Bombay Dyeing will be able to cut down on the cost of production by reaping significant economies of scale.

Bombay Dyeing is also trying to increase its presence in home textiles in the popular price ranges, while retaining a premium on product quality and design. With the revamp, the Vivaldi range of shirts will be available in the range of Rs 399 to Rs 599, while trousers will retail between Rs 599 and Rs 799.

Vivaldi men's wear will also be available in a range of style options. There will be a change in product specifications and merchandise, including fabric base, colour and quality. Its packaging and presentation will also undergo a total change. In addition, a new ad campaign will be aired to coincide with its repositioning. It is most likely that Karan Kapoor, the present 'Vivaldi man', will be replaced by someone else.

Much later Bombay Dyeing intends to foray into retailing through standalone retail outlets. At present, the Vivaldi range retails in Bombay Dyeing's own stores, while Proline and Fila are available at multi-brand outlets and big departmental stores.

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Bombay Dyeing plans to sell its apparels under Proline brand