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BenQ India unveils digital lifestyle products news
Our Corporate Bureau
26 August 2002

Mumbai: BenQ India ( has announced its entry in the digicam segment and has plans to unveil new-generation lifestyle devices for the Indian market.

These include: 1200 dpi slim scanners; CD-RWs with faster speeds and a revolutionary technology; DVD-RW projectors with digital light-processing (DLP) technology; world's slimmest LCD monitors with smart panel; optical mouse; and multimedia keyboards.

Says BenQ India managing director Tashi Gelek: ''We expect encouraging responses from the consumer for our premium range of products like digital cameras, SL series projectors, LCD monitors and DVD-RWs. BenQ India has already been able to make an impact in the keyboards, CD-ROM, CD-RW's and scanners segment.''

The company's entry in the digicam further bolsters its product portfolio in the imaging segment. BenQ will launch three cameras - DC 300 Mini, DC 300 and DC 1300 - initially and roll out other models subsequently. The company also plans to launch three scanners in the 1200 dpi segment, and make inroads in the market by offering attractive end-user schemes.

In the storage segment, BenQ shared its plans to unveil CD-RWs with faster speeds and a cutting-edge technology in Seamless Link III. The company will also be launching DVD-RWs and thus widen its range in storage market. BenQ already has CD-Roms (56x, world's fastest); CD-RWs (internal and external with seamless link technology) and DVD-Roms.

In the display segment the company has launched FP 581, an LCD monitor that incorporates smart panel technology, that allows mounting of the control electronics directly on the back of the LCD panel. Not having to connect a separate circuit board to the panel reduces overall manufacturing costs and makes for a product that is more reliable, more rugged and slimmer.

In the digital display segment, the company has launched its Slimline series of projectors, incorporating DLP technology, delivering seamless picture quality that doesn't have the 'screen door' effect of the LCD image. BenQ also offers plasma screens.

In the input devices segment, Benq plans to enter the mice segment by launching an optical mouse (Model M100). The company proposes to initially offer this along with the multimedia keyboards. Benq has been able to penetrate the nook and corner India with its keyboards that has also gained good market acceptance across channels and the end-user for the superior quality, reliability and value-for-money proposition.

With these launches, BenQ will have an effective presence in display (LCD and CRT monitors); digital display (plasma screen and projectors); storage (CD-ROM, CD-RWs and DVD-RWs); media (CD-media); imaging (scanners and digital cameras) and input devices (keyboards and mice).

BenQ is in the process of identifying key distributors who could specialise in distributing individual product lines. This is a step in refining its current distribution strategy. The company has SES Technologies and Neoteric Informatique as its national distributors and Godrej and Boyce for distribution of projectors.

Benq stands for Bring Enjoyment and Quality to Life. The company has drawn up an elaborate programme for brand promotions spanning events, which includes the conventional advertising coupled with regular channel promotion schemes, system integrator meets, market development activities and promotional offers.

Benq has successfully developed BenQ premium partners (BPP) across Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai, and is in the process of identifying and appointing such partners in other B and C class cities. BPP will be taking the role of master dealers who will get direct marketing support from BenQ India.

At the same time, the company is also appointing BenQ powered system integrator (BPSI) across these markets to create pull for the BPPs. These BPSIs will also receive direct marketing support from BenQ.

BenQ plans to extend its reach, penetration and service network across India. It will match this expansion by extending its service network across the country and appoint service partners, thus catering to the entire country through a hub-n-spoke system. People from smaller towns will be able to access a service centre at a nearby B or C class city also.

Formerly Acer Communications and Multimedia, BenQ is an industry leader in digital lifestyle devices with an expertise that encompasses the display, storage, imaging, wireless and broadband areas. BenQ has manufacturing plants in Malaysia, Mexico, China and Taiwan. The company has 10,100 employees worldwide, supporting a strong global sales marketing and service network spanning Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas.

BenQ has research and development facilities in Taiwan (Hsinchu Lab), China (Suzhou Software Development Centre) and California (Wireless Technology Centre), and has close to 1,200 research and development employees in China, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu and San Diego. BenQ has amassed over 670 global patents.

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BenQ India unveils digital lifestyle products