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Biocon launches India's first pre-filled syringes news
04 June 2008

Bangalore: Biocon Limited has announced the launch of pre-filled syringes for two of its life saving products, GCSF (granulocyte-colony stimulating factor) and EPO (Erythropoietin)in collaboration with Californian  medical firm Safety Syringes Inc and is being introduced for the first time in India.

EryproSafe and NufilSafe will be the first two drugs that will marketed using this novel device with other injectable products to follow in the future.

Pre-filled syringes are advantageous for self-injecting patients,allowing patients a high degree of flexibility, independence and simple handling in a home setting. Biocon's pre-filled syringe device incorporates features that provide for simple and safe handing, a discrete appearance of the injector and a retractable needle that reduces the chances of injuries during injection.

The device is said to be tamper proof and ensures that the syringe is non-reusable thus ensuring safety of the highest order.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairman and managing director, Biocon Limited said, ''In line with our philosophy of differentiation, we are pleased to introduce EryproSafe and NufilSafe as pre-filled syringes with advanced safety features. Safety Syringes Inc of the US have developed a novel pre-filled device that enhances safety and convenience of use. We are delighted to be able to collaborate with them and introduce this proprietary device to the Indian market for the first time which will greatly benefit Indian patients.

''The launch of this new drug delivery system is significant as it allows for product differentiation in the market," said Rakesh Bamzai, president, marketing, Biocon Limited. "This also means simplified drug administration and better patient compliance.''

Biocon Limited will also look at launching this product in other markets in the coming months.

The pharmaceutical industry has registered an increasing demand in the market segment of pre-filled syringe systems over the past 10 years. These systems have the endorsement of healthcare professionals worldwide. There is a growing trend of injectable drugs moving into the pre-fill syringe as a presentation format. Worldwide, prefilled syringe volumes have reached more than two billion units.

The opportunity for Indian biotech companies in pre-filled syringes is immense as India is being viewed as a low-cost, high-quality manufacturing base. It has the largest number of USFDA approved plants outside the US.

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Biocon launches India's first pre-filled syringes