Infosys to provide digital convergence platform for Bharti's DTH TV services

Mumbai: Bharti Airtel Ltd has announced an innovation and technology partnership with Infosys Technologies Limited for its newly launched direct-to-home (DTH) television service.

Infosys will provide technology products that will help deliver improved services to the subscribers of Airtel digital TV (its direct-to-home (DTH) TV service), launched on 9 October, Bharti said in a release.

''As part of its digital convergence platform, Infosys will provide a suite of products, including devices, application servers and interactive applications that will focus on providing an enhanced digital lifestyle to Airtel digital TV customers,'' the release said.

Airtel's digital TV technology will use Infosys' digital convergence platform to bring digital lifestyle applications offering interactivity and personalisation into the living room. This will include interactive and non-intrusive applications like widgets that can be invoked by the user to view relevant and customised information, according to the release.

Airtel TV viewers will be able to access local city information through interactive applications such as iCity and enables hassle-free internet-like experience on their televisions with iNet, get live and personalised stock quotes, breaking news, horoscopes, cricket scores and shopping deals in the city without interrupting their TV-viewing experience.

Airtel digital TV customers will also offer select websites packaged suitably for TV-viewing, in an application called tPortal. In addition, a host of other innovative applications are slated for release over a period of time, it said.