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BHEL's in-house R&D turnover tops Rs5,405 crore in 2008-09 news
06 May 2009

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) has achieved record turnover of Rs5,405 crore from products developed in-house; - 20 per cent of the company's total turnover of Rs27,505 crore during the financial year 2008-09.

BHEL also filed 202 patents and copyrights during the year 2008-09, taking the company's intellectual capital so far to 857 patents and copyrights.

BHEL's research and development spending rose 40 per cent, recording a significant increase in intellectual capital and commercialisation of products and systems developed by way of in-house R&D efforts, the company said in a release.

The company attributed this to a a constant thrust on developing new technologies and products, besides improving existing products and systems in terms of reliability, cost and quality through in-house R&D initiatives.

Significantly, during the year, BHEL spent over Rs650 crore on R&D efforts more than 40 per cent it spent in the previous year. In fact, the R&D spend at 2.36 per cent of the turnover, is among the highest in India for its kind of industry, the release noted.

BHEL filed 202 patents and copyrights during the year 2008-09, with around one patent/copyright filed every alternate working day. A notable achievement of fiscal 2008-09 has been the significant growth in the company's intellectual capital to 857 patents and copyrights filed, which are in productive use in the company's business.

''New products and systems developed during the year for various infrastructure sectors of the economy include, the first of its kind in the world 320kN/420kN HVDC porcelain insulators, India's first 800 kV hollow insulators; a compact, economical and more efficient combined HP-IP module for 2-cylinder turbines to cover the range of 500-650 MW TG sets and a compact 2.4 TPD RO-based desalination plant skid (water filtration system suitable for sea water) for Indian Navy submarines, among others,'' according to the release.

BHEL also developed a more-reliable `Brushless Exciter with Permanent Magnet Generator' for 250 MW turbo generators. The new exciter offers benefits like reduced manufacturing cycle time, better dynamic behaviour and more efficient site operation.

The company has already received a patent for its development and usage, which  can be extended for a wide range of sets (210-800 MW) in future.

In addition, as part of its endeavour to establish technology for the entire spectrum of products for supercritical power plants, BHEL has designed and developed a deaerator for 1,000 MW power plants. This in-house development will not only address the emerging need for supercritical equipment but also result in substantial savings by eliminating the need for a technology tie-up with an international player, the company said.

''R&D and technology development are of strategic importance to the company as it operates in a competitive environment where technology is a major factor. BHEL's R&D programme focuses on areas like state-of-the-art control and instrumentation systems; clean-coal technologies; improved T&D products/systems; high-efficiency silt-resistant hydro turbines and improved transportation systems, etc, the release added.

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BHEL's in-house R&D turnover tops Rs5,405 crore in 2008-09