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Arrow unveils Unstainables shirts using nanotechnologynews
Our Convergence Bureau
12 November 2002
Mumbai: Bringing to India the greatest invention in the fabric industry in the last 20 years, Arrow today announced the launch of Unstainables, a new range of shirts based on nanotechnology, the revolutionary technology making waves overseas.

The Unstainables range, as the name itself suggests, is a range of shirts and trousers that uses nanotechnology to lend the fabrics a stain-repellant property while allowing the fabric to breathe. The result is a fabric so smart; it defies any spill… and belief.

The Unstainables range is available in both cotton shirts priced at Rs 1,495 and trousers priced at Rs 1,695 at exclusive Arrow showrooms, leading departmental stores and menswear retail outlets.

Says Arvind Brands' president Darshan Mehta: ''It's an amazing technology… it's an amazing fabric. We are delighted to be the first company in India to launch a collection based on nanotechnology. It is our commitment to offering the discerning Arrow customer the best and the latest in formal men's wear.''

Arvind Brands has launched the Unstainables collection through a technical collaboration with Nano-Tex, a US-based Burlington company, which has patented the technology on fabric. The technology is being made available in India almost the same time it is being launched by leading brands overseas.

The unique properties of the range are that it repels liquids, resists stains and wrinkles, and is machine washable while providing comfort. The Nano-Tex technology gives the product permanence and durability so that it stays the same even after 50 washes.

The Unstainable Range is made with Nano-Care technology from Nano-Tex. The technology attaches molecular structures to cotton fibres, forming a barrier that causes liquids and stains to bead up on the surface and roll off, thereby preventing stains. Water, coffee and wine spills just dance on the fabric and roll off like mercury while the fabric remains completely dry.

''It's a technology breakthrough that will revolutionise the fabric industry worldwide. It's not just about a superior fabric - it's also about a comfortable, breathable fabric,'' says David Soane, chief scientific officer, Nano-Tex and the founder of Nano-Tex technology.

The term nanotechnology is derived from nanometer (one billionth of a metre) and describes the ability to manipulate individual atoms to create new materials. In several ways, big and small, nanotechnology is now working its way into our lives. There are already products in the market using nanotechnology like sunscreens, sports equipment, bathroom tiles, fabric television screens and so on while several new products are in the pipeline including in computing, drug delivery, power cells, robots and tires.

It is this technology that Nano-Tex has used to create the stain-prevention property. The Nano-Tex fabric is embedded with billions of tiny little structures or nanowhiskers, each of which is just 10 nanometres long (a grain of sand is 1 lakh nanometers in comparison). The nanowhiskers cover the fabric, making it so dense that liquids can hardly penetrate.

''There has been an enthusiastic and encouraging response to Nano-Tex from leading international retailers and clothing brands. We are pleased that an industry leader like Arrow has taken the initiative to introduce this revolutionary technology in India,'' says Nitin Jain, country manager-India, Burlington Services International Group. ''In time to come, we believe that Nano-Tex would be the 'Intel Inside' of the garment industry.''

The Arrow Company, a division of Cluett Peabody & Co, USA, began operations in the US in 1851 and soon established itself as a leader in men's fashion. Today, Arrow remains America's best-loved shirt brand and is synonymous with elegance and class. For 150 years the Arrow shirt has been crafted from the finest fabrics and designed with attention to the smallest detail.

Arrow was launched in India in 1993. Targeted at discerning men between 25-44 years, Arrow is the voice of authority and the benchmark in formal dressing, one that understands the complete wardrobe requirements of its customers. Arrow is known for its master shirt craftsmanship that comes with heritage exclusive to Arrow.

The Arrow wardrobe is available in three ranges - Arrow: America's Premium, Arrow: America's Sport and Arrow: America's Classic. Through the years, Arrow's expertise and continuous monitoring of fashion trends and consumer needs has put the brand at the forefront of the ever-changing menswear market.

Nano-Tex is an advanced materials company using proprietary technology to create, change and improve textiles at the molecular level. The company is 51 per cent owned by Burlington Industries. George Henderson III is the CEO of Nano-Tex and the textile company Burlington Industries, both based in Greensboro.


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Arrow unveils Unstainables shirts using nanotechnology