American International Group
AIG to sell United Guaranty Corp to Arch Capital for $3.4 bn
16 August 2016
AIG to cut costs, return $25 bn to shareholders
28 January 2016
AIG to sell aircraft leasing business to AerCap in $5.4-bn deal
16 December 2013
Bailed-out AIG to consider joining lawsuit against US government, lawmakers fume
09 January 2013
AIG to raise around $6.5-bn via stake sale in AIA Group Ltd
17 December 2012
Chinese consortium to buy 80 % of AIG’s aircraft leasing unit ILFC for $4.23 bn
10 December 2012
Chinese consortium in talks to buy controlling stake in AIG’s aircraft leasing unit: report
07 December 2012
Federal judge rejects suit over AIG bailout
20 November 2012
ING to sell Malaysian insurance business to AIA Group for $1.73 bn
11 October 2012
AIG to buy back up to $3 billion stock from the treasury
04 August 2012
US government could earn $15.1 bn from AIG bailout
09 May 2012
US Fed selloff of AIG assets grosses $2.8 bn profit for taxpayers
29 February 2012
AIG plans to offload half its stake in Asian unit AIA Group
27 October 2011
Insurance giant AIG repays US Treasury $2 billion from Taiwan unit sale
19 August 2011
AIG sells first stock offering after near-collapse in 2008
25 May 2011
AIG to take a $700-mn hit on Japanese claims
19 March 2011
AIG repays another $6.9-bn TARP loan
09 March 2011
AIG to sell Taiwan insurance unit Nan Shan to Ruentex for $2.16 billion
13 January 2011
AIG repays nearly $4 billion of US government debt
24 August 2010
AIG to sell American General Finance to Fortress Investment Group
11 August 2010
AIG agrees to settle Ohio fraud case for $725 million
17 July 2010
Goldman Sachs has ‘no regrets’ over AIG deal
02 July 2010
Prudential terminates AIG deal, scraps $21 billion rights issue
02 June 2010
AIG’s aircraft leasing unit sells 53 planes to Macquarie for $2 Billion
14 April 2010
AIG sells PineBridge Investments to Pacific Century for $277 million
30 March 2010
AIG sells American Life unit to Metlife for $15.5 billion
08 March 2010
AIG - Prudential deal: The man behind it
02 March 2010
AIG sells Asian assets to Prudential for $35.5 billion
02 March 2010
AIG says $182 billion bailout not enough, wants more
27 February 2010
Obama compensation czar powerless against AIG’s past payout guarantees
04 February 2010
Buffett’s General Re settles AIG case with DoJ
22 January 2010
Deal with New York Fed slashes AIG debt by more than half
02 December 2009
AIG sells Taiwan life insurance unit to Primus for $2.15 billion
13 October 2009
US prosecutors mull case against AIG’s former financial unit head
12 September 2009
AIG sells fund units to Pacific Century for $500 million
07 September 2009
IT firm Mphasis buys AIG’s Indian operations
12 August 2009
AIG posts Q1 profit after two years
08 August 2009
AIG to exit Taiwan credit card business; puts Nan Shan on block
01 July 2009
AIG plans IPO of arms to repay $25 billion debt
26 June 2009
AIG plans to spin off Asian arm to repay Treasury money
19 May 2009
AIG in a fresh imbroglio over bonuses
06 May 2009
AIG sells off auto unit for $1.9 billion
17 April 2009
AIG executive resigns over bonus issue
26 March 2009
Goldman Sachs CFO feels no “guilt whatsoever” for being biggest beneficiary of AIG bailout money
21 March 2009
AIG may have to rescind bonus payments
20 March 2009
Reps pass 90-per cent AIG bonus tax bill, Senators relent
20 March 2009
AIG CEO Edward Liddy: the man America loves to hate
19 March 2009
AIG discloses bailout recipients
16 March 2009
Failed AIG’s bonuses to employees draw flak
16 March 2009
Warren Buffett speaks of AIG’s calls for help prior to government bailout
14 March 2009
US lawmakers, fed and treasury chiefs angry with AIG
04 March 2009
US government injects additional $30 billion in AIG
02 March 2009
AIG may report largest ever quarterly loss in corporate history
24 February 2009
Bank of Montreal acquires AIG's Canadian business for $375 million
14 January 2009
AIG seeks relaxation of Fed rules on asset sales
01 January 2009
Munich Re to buy AIG unit for a bargain price of $742 million
22 December 2008
AIG offloads private banking arm for $254 million
01 December 2008
AIG asked to follow Goldman cost cutting lead
26 November 2008
Chinese consortium in talks to buy AIG's Asian assets
25 November 2008
Udvar-Hazy led management group to re-acquire ILFC from AIG
24 November 2008
New York attorney general warns AIG over executive bonuses
19 November 2008
AIG uses up $90 billion of $123 billion bailout, may require more
24 October 2008
UK insurance giant Prudential confirms interest in AIG’s Asian assets
22 October 2008
New York attorney general castigates AIG over “unwarranted and outrageous” expenses
17 October 2008
Fed pumps another $37.8 billion in AIG
10 October 2008
AIG execs splurge $440,000 at resort with bailout money
08 October 2008
AIG to refocus on property, casualty
04 October 2008
AIG may sell over 15 businesses to repay $85 billion Fed loan
29 September 2008
AIG's ex-CEO to forego $22 million severance package: report
24 September 2008
ILFC co-founder Udvar-Hazy to buy back firm from AIG
19 September 2008
Bernanke’s AIG
19 September 2008
Analysts see insurance rivals profiting from AIG’s misfortune
18 September 2008
Greenberg tries a second coming at AIG
17 September 2008
AIG’s woes sends tremors down the aviation industry's spine
17 September 2008
Indian operations safe from AIG crisis: IRDA
17 September 2008
AIG in free fall after credit rating downgrades
16 September 2008
IRDA asks Tata AIG to clarify status as AIG stumbles
16 September 2008
AIG plans to raise $12.5 million, mops up $20 billion instead
21 May 2008
Insurance major AIG says its sub-prime risks are manageable
07 December 2007
Retail chain Vivek sells hire purchase arm to AIG capital
20 December 2006
Dubai Port in deal with AIG to sell US operations
13 December 2006
RBI allows AIG Capital to register as NBFC
18 October 2006
AIG appoints Saurabh Sonthalia as the CEO of proposed Indian AMC
27 July 2006
Martin Sullivan to succeed MR Greenberg as CEO of AIG
16 March 2005
S&P affirms AAA ratings on AIG and various operating firms
25 March 2003
AIG to invest $1 billion in India
26 February 2000
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