Adobe Systems India targets Indian schools and universities

The company has chalked out new strategies for this segment which includes revised licensing norms and additional service offerings.

For the schools Adobe Systems has drawn a licensing package called K12 whereby schools can install a suite of products up to 500 computers including the home computers of the school teachers.

Adobe Systems plans to charge flat fee. However the buyers of K12 package are not eligible for any upgrades launched by the company.

Speaking about the new package Sandeep Mehrotra, country sales manager said the cost starts from Rs72,000 and goes up to Rs2.12 lakh for the master package comprising 13 products.

The curricula which the company provides on a DVD with the site licenses include visual design (foundations of design and print production) digital design (foundations of web design) and also foundations on digital video foundations of video design and production.

According to Mehrotra for universities, the company has a different package called Term Site Licence and the cost starts from Rs2,500 and goes up to Rs9000. The licence is valid for 12 months and the cost includes software upgrades that happen during that period.