AV Birla group product portfolio - 1

Acrylic fibre
The group has a significant presence in acrylic fibre production in South East Asia. The group's Thai Acrylic Fibre Company has been involved with the production of acrylic fibre since 1987 in technical collaboration with Japan Exlan & Co. Ltd. and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan.

This venture has a production capacity of 57,000 tonnes per annum.

Aluminium / alumina
The group's Hindalco Industries Ltd is India's largest aluminium producer. Its unit at Renukoot in Uttar Pradesh has been operational since 1962 and accounted for about 44 per cent of India's total aluminium production in the year ended March 1999.

Hindalco's product range includes primary aluminium sold as ingots, billets, rolling ingots and redraw rods as well as rolled products, extrusions and aluminium foil. The company also markets aluminium alloy wheels.

The company exports its products to Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and South Korea. The Middle East is an important destination for its value added products, and the company is targeting exports to Europe and America as well as Oceania and Africa.

The end-users of Hindalco's products include the electrical and electronics industries, packaging, general engineering, consumer durables, aluminium powder and chemicals.