AT&T to invest $1 billion in global network in 2009

Spurred by continued demand for business applications made possible by the proliferation of high speed communication networks and mobile devices worldwideAT&T, plans to invest approximately $1 billion in 2009 to continue building on on expanding its global network, new services and network-based applications for businesses.

Its investment is focused on network infrastructure, services and support for companies requiring "anytime, anywhere" access to systems, suppliers, customers and employees needed to successfully run their businesses.

The proposed investments during the year will go towards strengthening network-based, on-demand applications such as managed hosting, content delivery and management and telepresence; rapid roll-out of businesses mobility solutions and applications; continued integration of IBM's global network operations under the two companies' expanded agreement; expansion of its global network.

Ron Spears, president and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions  said AT&T was making good on its commitment "to provide companies with the network-driven capabilities and applications to successfully compete in a difficult economic environment," said .

"Regardless of size, the companies that seize the power of IP technology and services to transform their businesses, are the companies that will be best-positioned to lead the global recovery," he added.

AT&T is capitalising on the ongoing shift in network traffic from voice to data and video - and more importantly to IP-based data and video - as customers migrate from legacy data networks to MPLS-based virtual private networks (VPNs) and managed applications.