IBM to resettle laid-off US workers in India, other countries

Laid-off IBM employees in North America and Canada now can hope to work abroad – in India, Russia, Brazil or other countries – rather than joining the growing ranks of the unemployed.

IBM's Chairman and CEO, Sam PalmisanoIBM may also offer jobs in China, Nigeria, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, South Africa, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, agency reported citing an IMM internal document.

Through a programme, called 'Project Match' the software giant is helping its outgoing employees take up IBM jobs in the growth markets or other countries. IBM will also help employees wanting jobs abroad with shifting costs as also provide immigration support, like visa assistance, according to the document.

Big Blue would help laid-off employees ''locate potential job opportunities in growth markets where skills are in demand," the report said.

The offer, however, is limited to "satisfactory performers who have been notified of separation from IBM US or (IBM) Canada and are willing to work on local terms and conditions." the report added.

IBM pay packets in the emerging markets are much less than what the company pays to its employees in the US or Canada and, obviously, those employees who opt for a relocation to India or other countries would have to agree for less.