Publicis, Omnicom merging to create an advertising powerhouse
The merged Publicis Omnicom Group will overtake current market leader WPP Plc as the world's largest advertising group
Gas price hike: SC issues notices to government, RIL
The Supreme today issued notices to the central government and RIL on the doubling of the price of natural gas produced in the country from $4.2 to $ 8.4 mmBtu beginning 1 April 2014
Apple rated top technology brand in Harris Poll EquiTrend study
Even after Steve Jobs, Apple continues to hold its spot as the top technology brand across three mainstream categories -  Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone
From gold, a new way to control blood clotting
Using gold nanoparticles, MIT researchers have devised a new way to turn blood clotting on and off. The particles, which are controlled by infrared laser light, could help doctors during surgery, or to promote wound healing.
Foreign Trade Policy for 2009-14
Union Budget: 2013-14
Economic Survey : 2012-13
  'Don't try to change yourself; improve on what you have'
  Prakash Iyer, managing director of Kimberly Clark Lever, is the author of two books on leadership: 'The Habit of Winning' and 'The secret of Leadership'. In an interview with Swetha Amit, he talks about his last book, and shares his views on what it takes to become a leader
  Recognising the end of the Chinese economic miracle
  Many have asked when China would find itself in an economic crisis, to which we have answered that China has been there for a while -- something not widely recognised outside China. By George Friedman, founder and chief executive officer, Stratfor. Republished with permission.
  "Air Asia India has the right priorities, the right partners": Mittu Chandilya
  Mittu Chandilya became one of the youngest chief executives in the aviation industry when he was recently appointed CEO of Air Asia India. Although this is first foray into aviation, he sounded confident as he talked to domain-b correspondent Swetha Amit about his passion to revolutionise the industry and bring air travel to the common man.
  The limitations of market research in brand-building
  Consumer research may be one of the greatest marketing tools ever created, but marketers must know its limitations and be guided by their own judgement, says Vandan Chopra, founder-member and creative director, Adept Artvertising Solutions.
  Mobile commerce is the new battlefield for retailers
  As smartphone use spreads rapidly, mobile 'showrooming' is the new mantra and retailers who fail to adapt to this trend will be left behind, says Vishwanath Alluri, founder and executive chairman, IMImobile
  'The combination of diving and photography take me to states of one-pointed concentration'
  Digant Desai was the owner of Sterling Tours and Travels India, before he went on to pursue his passion for photography, starting with wildlife photography. He won a few awards, post which he took a brief break due to domestic commitments. He later revived his passion, this time venturing into the mysterious world of the ocean, and has been in this profession for over 7 years now. Mr Desai talks about diving, underwater photography and his future plans to Swetha Amit.
  The foreign policy impact of Iran's presidential election
  While defending Iran's nuclear programme and regional agenda, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's successor President-elect Hassan Rouhani understands that simply issuing ultimatums to the West and escalating tensions rather than striking compromises will not win relief from sanctions. By Michael Nayebi-Oskoui and Kamran Bokhari. (Republished with permission of Stratfor).
  The best way to make yourself happy is to help others: Sudha Murty
  Sudha Murty, chairperson, Infosys Foundation, is also a prolific writer, and has authored several books in English and Kannada. In this interview, she talks to Swetha Amit about her tryst with writing, life-changing experiences and her latest collection of short stories titled The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk.
  'Languages are not all common through the world, gestures and smiles work just as well'
  Anjaly Thomas is a Lonely Planet writer, and also does travel writing for newspapers and magazines. In this interview, she talks to Swetha Amit about her backpacking experiences across the globe and her novel 'Almost Intrepid'
  No longer sci-fi: flying car comes closer to commercial production
  In what would to today's older generation seem akin to Batman meeting science fiction, US-based company Terrafugia Inc has begun feasibility studies of a four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) plug-in hybrid-electric flying car.By Jagdeep Worah
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