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Consumer affairs body ranks India's most 'consumer-unfriendly' brands news
19 August 2008

Vodafone, Tata Sky, Sify Broadband & Online Shopping, Club Mahindra Holidays and Indigo Airlines have been ranked among the  most consumer unfriendly companies in the country, based on the number of unresolved complaints against their products or services.

The list of the offending brands has been compiled by Consumer Online Resource & Empowerment (CORE), launched by the Consumer Coordination Council with the support of the centre's department of consumer affairs to help consumers resolve their complaints relating to defective goods and products and deficiencies in service.

The other organisations listed with unresolved complaints are Air Deccan, Sahara City Homes, Omaxe Developers, Vian Infrastructure, Discount Premium Club and Sterling Resorts.

According to an agency report citing CORE's centre manager only Air Deccan had replied to five of the complaints lodged against it by consumers, while Club Mahindra said it would respond.

Based on the number of unresolved complaints against the organisation, Vodafone topped the list with 210 complaints that went unresponded against it, followed by Tata Sky with 45.

The procedure followed by the CORE, is to forward the complaints of aggrieved consumers to the concerned organisation, with a request to respond to the complaint, within 15 days.While most of the organisations respond within this period, some of them take longer.

In such cases, a reminder is sent to them giving them another 15 days to redress the coplaint. Therafter a final opportunity is given to respond to the complaint within another 15 days, with the warning that their names would be included in a list of 'Brands not Friendly and not Caring for Consumers' as an organisation that does not respond, despite ample opportunities being given to them, to resolve the consumer complaints against them.

CORE says responding to consumer complaints and resolving them promptly should be a primary concern of all "responsible organisations" who provides goods and services.

"Response to consumer complaints and resolving them promptly should be a primary concern of all responsible organisations who are providers of goods and services," CORE said in a statement acompanying the list of brands with the worst record of unresolved consumer complaints. "It is indeed unfortunate that some organisations do not follow this basic requirement, which forces consumers to seek redressal of their grievances through consumer courts involving unnecessary litigation and expenditure to them.

"We are therefore regretfully forced to include the names of such organisations in a list ''Brands not Friendly and not Caring for Consumers'' to enable the consumers to be "beware'' of these organisations. Accordingly, we publish below a list of Organisations who have not responded and cared to redress their grievances to the Complainants brought to their notice by CORE Centre."  

Aggrieved consumers can register their complaints against companies through the button titled, Brands, on the home page at:

Consumer Coordination Council comprises 55 consumer bodies in the country that are, or have been members of the Central Consumer Protection Council, established under the Consumer Protection Act.

Name of the Organisation No. of Complaints Replies Received Resolved
Vodafone 210 Nil Nil
TATA Sky 45 Nil Nil
Sify Broadband & Online Shopping 45 Nil Nil
Club Mahindra Holidays 17 Nil Nil
Indigo Airlines 15 Nil Nil
Sahara City Homes 11 Nil Nil
Air Deccan 10 05 Nil
Omaxe Developers 06 Nil Nil
Discount Premium Club 06 Nil Nil
Vian Infrastructure 02 Nil Nil
Sterling Resorts 02 Nil Nil
CORE Centre hopes that the above Organisations will make special efforts to improve their Customer Relations. We welcome your valuable feedback.

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Consumer affairs body ranks India's most 'consumer-unfriendly' brands