Auto entertainment: Driving to the sound of music

Long distance driving has become much more pleasurable with the introduction of advanced audio-video technologies, designed to provide the ultimate comfort to the driver and the co passengers. Tanmoy Mitra reports

Thanks to technology, there is virtually no limit to the extent of modifications that one can make with the entertainment system of a vehicle. Most cars are equipped with at least a CD player and CD recorder with more advanced option of a CD changer, which can hold multiple disks. Among audio modifications, more recent additions include DVD players and LCD screens. TV screens are fitted in the dashboard, on the ceiling, and even on the rear of the front seat  for viewing by rear seat passengers.

With the popularity of downloadable and easily formatted MP3 and WMA files, listeners now are spoiled for choice over what they wish to view and listen to. However, the ideal car audio-visual system is not necessarily the loudest one, nor the most expensive. It's the one that best meets your preferences and budgets.

Audiovisual systems
Factory installed stereo systems are usually sub par in features and performance, unless they are premium products. Package upgrades from the dealership would probably cost more money than if you were to choose one after buying your car. To get the perfect sound, it may often be necessary to install a complete audio component system, which comprises speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and tweeters.

A bit of time and effort spent in customising the car entertainment system will go a long way in adding to the pleasure of your ride, especially since they have become a lot more affordable now.

Car audio setup accessories
AmplifiersInstalling a quality stereo amplifier is essential to improve the sound quality through your speakers. An amplifier takes a signal from a source and makes it louder. Amplifiers will improve the sound quality of the music at all volume levels. Single channel amplifiers, dual channel amplifiers and multi-level channel amplifiers are the different types of amplifiers available in the market. Alpine, Sony, Hifonics, JL Audio and Kenwood are the leading car amplifier manufacturers in the world.

Car audio capacitors are used to store additional energy for the amplifier. Audio capacitors supplement the regular power supply of the car in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the amplifier.