Robert Riley designed XR3 prototype does 95 km per litre

Robert Q Riley Enterprises, a product design and development company in the US has designed the XR3, a two-seater plug-in hybrid concept car that can travel more than 95 km per litre on combined diesel and electric power.

According to the developer, the three-wheel sports car's modular design can be outfitted with different power trains to create a 53 km per litre diesel-only vehicle; a 160 km, battery-only vehicle; or a hybrid for increased performance and fuel versatility. Since no computer controls are needed on the hybrid system, costs are reduced and the need for re-programming is eliminated.

Robert Riley XR3Interestingly, the company has also released a do-it -yourself package of the XR3, which includes printed drawing, electronic 3D virtual models, computer files that  vendors can use to make parts plus an instructional DVD that outlines the building of the car. The $200 instructional package would reduce transportation expenses and drivers will have fun designing their own vehicle, said Riley.

The XR3 weighs 700kg and is capable of speeds of up to 80mph.The car sports a futuristic look with the canopy opening from front to back and the three-wheel platform is a design statement, which differs from most other modern-day cars.
In hybrid mode, the car runs on three-wheel-drive, with the front pair of wheels powered by a diesel engine, while the single tyre at the back runs on an electric motor.

During short trips, drivers can turn off the diesel combustion engine completely and get a 40-mile range on electric power alone. Switching the car to diesel power and its three-cylinder engine, can result in up to 375 miles on a mere three gallons of fuel, stated Riley.

According to the company, the XR3's Li-Ion battery pack can achieve 80 per cent of its full charge in just 90 minutes by plugging it into an ordinary wall outlet.

The XR3 is equipped with a number of safety features such as the foam-filled features at the front to absorb low-speed impacts. The sides of the car are also filled with foam making then "safer than the doors of conventional cars," said the designer.

The firm already recieved more than 2,500 advanced order reservations, during the two years it took to develop the X3, added Riley.