United Airlines
United Airlines flight loses engine cover over Pacific, makes safe landing in Honolulu
14 February 2018
United is first foreign carrier to skip smog-hit Delhi; others may follow suit
11 November 2017
Security officers fired over United Airlines’ passenger removal incident
18 October 2017
Video reveals yet more ill-treatment of passengers by United Airlines
15 June 2017
United Airlines announces 18-hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore
02 June 2017
FAA proposes nearly $500,000 fine on UA for flying non-airworthy plane
31 May 2017
United Air faces fresh PR nightmare after picking on gay dad
29 May 2017
United Airlines flight attendant mistakenly posts cockpit security codes on public website
16 May 2017
United Airlines in fresh imbroglio with Indian-origin man
12 May 2017
After United, it’s Delta: couple with child kicked off flight
05 May 2017
United again: Giant rabbit dies en route from London to Chicago
28 April 2017
United again: engaged couple booted off flight after seats row
17 April 2017
Chicago city council to grill United Airlines over bumping
13 April 2017
United apologises over ‘bumping’ as even White House irate
12 April 2017
Shock wave over United Airlines’ violent ‘bumping’ of passenger
11 April 2017
United Airlines launches world's longest flight
03 June 2016
Boeing in $14.7-bn deal with United Airlines
13 July 2012
United-Continental merger cleared
28 August 2010
United, Continental merger creates world’s biggest airline
04 May 2010
UAL, Continental may announce merger today
03 May 2010
United Airlines in merger talks with US Airways
08 April 2010
United orders 25 Airbus 350-900 XWB aircraft
11 March 2010
United, Continental and All Nippon Airways seek anti-trust waiver
24 December 2009
United Airlines reports 3Q operating profit - clear weather ahead
21 October 2009
Court issues injunction against striking United Airlines pilots
19 November 2008
Jet Airways, United Airlines enter into frequent flyer arrangement
11 November 2008
United Airlines, FedEx in tie-up for door-to-door baggage service
30 October 2008
United Airlines faces losses on Jet fuel futures contracts
18 September 2008
US regulators open investigation into UAL stock crash
13 September 2008
Tribune blames Google for confusion over old UA report
11 September 2008
Six-year old bankruptcy news sends UA plummeting
10 September 2008
United Airlines not likely to take delivery of 42 outstanding A319/320 orders
07 August 2008
United Airlines sues pilots' union, says it caused hundreds of flight cancellations
31 July 2008
United Airlines to lay off 950 pilots - cuts in addition to those announced earlier
24 June 2008
Continental and United Airlines link network and services worldwide
20 June 2008
United Airlines announces “iPod-compatible” airplanes on international routes
17 June 2008
United Airlines to slash capacity by 14 per cent, cut up to 1,600 jobs
04 June 2008
United Airlines calls off merger talks with US Airways, looking at Continental alliance
31 May 2008
Jet Airways ties up with American major United Airlines
21 May 2008
United Airlines reports massive Q1 loss - pledges 'fundamental overhaul'
23 April 2008
United Airlines absorbs Q4 loss, first full-year profit in 2007 after seven years
23 January 2008
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