Space missions
Isro set to launch second lunar probe Chandrayaan-2 in April
17 February 2018
NASA to revive lost and found satellite IMAGE
31 January 2018
Trump administration proposes to end support for the International Space Station
25 January 2018
Fund crunch puts TeamIndus’s Moon mission in limbo
10 January 2018
NASA’s Kepler telescope discovers a solar system with eight planets
15 December 2017
Nasa successfully fires Voyager 1 thrusters after 37 years
02 December 2017
Nasa to deploy new sensor on ISS to study tiny space junk
30 November 2017
China’s ‘Tiangong-1’ space station may crash down in Europe
09 November 2017
Spaceships will need to have artificial gravity for manned Mars mission
03 November 2017
SpaceX to resume launches from pad 40 at Cape Canaveral in December
03 November 2017
India's second Moon mission set for March 2018
25 October 2017
Bacteria zapped with antibiotics in space show shapeshifting ability
14 September 2017
Nine exoplanets ideally placed to sport earth: Study
11 September 2017
Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket launches X-37b into orbit
08 September 2017
Space X’s Falcon 9 set for first X-37 B launch
07 September 2017
Scientists mimic Uranus’ harsh conditions to produce diamond rain
26 August 2017
International Space Station to get first supercomputer next week
12 August 2017
Renowned space scientist, educator Yash Pal dies at 90
25 July 2017
Eminent space scientist U R Rao passes away
24 July 2017
Indian astronomers discover the biggest galaxy cluster yet
14 July 2017
NASA’s Opportunity Mars Rover uncovers evidence of ancient lake on the planet
28 June 2017
Mangalyaan completes 1,000 days in orbit around Mars
20 June 2017
SpaceX Dragon to deliver research to Space Station
12 June 2017
Scientists detect gravitational waves from black holes collision 3 billion light years away
06 June 2017
NASA’s NICER to study neutron stars
03 June 2017
NASA to detail first mission to fly into sun’s atmosphere
30 May 2017
Nasa’s Juno probe finds Jupiter different from expected
26 May 2017
Nasa probe finds bubble created by human activity enveloping Earth
19 May 2017
NASA planning year-long crewed mission around moon in 2027 ahead of Mars mission plans
12 May 2017
SpaceX to launch Inmarsat communications satellite on Monday
11 May 2017
Cassini’s 20-year space odyssey to end in September
11 May 2017
Isro invites proposals for experiments to study Venus ahead of orbital mission
02 May 2017
US-Russian crew reach ISS in Soyuz capsule
22 April 2017
ISRO planning mission to Venus
22 April 2017
SpaceX working with NASA to identify landing spots on Mars
21 March 2017
Research uncovers potential health risks of travel to Mars
09 March 2017
India ahead in satellite launches, admits China
21 February 2017
European Space Agency, Isro to collaborate on future space missions: report
20 February 2017
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 blasts off with food, supplies for ISS
20 February 2017
India hopes to tap Helium from Moon for its energy needs by 2030
20 February 2017
Isro, France’s CNES team up with private partners for moon mission
11 January 2017
NASA announces two missions for study of asteroids
06 January 2017
NASA captures spectacular images of ISS cross the sun
04 January 2017
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover stuck due to technical glitch
08 December 2016
Isro plans to put a remote-controlled telescope on the Moon
17 October 2016
ESA's Rosetta spacecraft ends 12-year mission, crash-lands into comet
30 September 2016
SpaceX rocket explodes during test firing; Musk, Facebook hurt
02 September 2016
China’s defunct space station on crash course with Earth
13 July 2016
Code that sent Apollo 11 to the moon available online
12 July 2016
Mars Orbiter finds more carbon dioxide ice at poles
12 July 2016
NASA's Juno spacecraft in orbit around Jupitor
05 July 2016
Nasa’s Juno spacecraft to start orbiting Jupitor on 5 July
05 July 2016
Food grown in Mars soil would be safe to eat: research
25 June 2016
NASA orbiters uncover dust storm seasons on Mars
14 June 2016
Scientists confirm existence of largest planet orbiting binary star pair
14 June 2016
Newly discovered planet candidate, PTF08-8695b orbits its star in 11 hours
13 June 2016
Isro, CNES unite world space agencies to face the climate challenge
04 June 2016
Russian firm plans ‘space taxi’ for moon trips
27 May 2016
Isro successfully tests reusable space shuttle technology
23 May 2016
Isro taking baby steps towards launching its own space shuttle
17 May 2016
NASA New Horizons spots pristine water ice on Pluto’s moon Hydra
07 May 2016
SpaceX launches Japanese communications satellite JCSAT 14
06 May 2016
Elon Musk's SpaceX plans unmanned Mars landing by 2018
28 April 2016
Nasa recovers Kepler spacecraft from emergency mode
12 April 2016
SpaceX lands part of Falcon 9 rocket on drone ship at sea
09 April 2016
NASA invests in two-dimensional spacecraft, reprogrammable microorganisms
09 April 2016
NASA sends expandable habitat to Space Station
09 April 2016
N Korea’s Kim Jong Un urges more missile tests
12 March 2016
Isro working on reusable space launch vehicle
11 March 2016
Kelly, Kornienko back after year-long space odyssey
03 March 2016
Nasa woos Isro to jointly explore Mars
01 March 2016
France to help with a lander in Isro’s next mission to Mars: report
27 January 2016
NASA awards ISS cargo transport contracts worth $14 bn to 3 private companies
16 January 2016
Nasa releases images of landslide on Mars
30 December 2015
The Falcon has landed! Musk’s rocket returns safely
22 December 2015
US astronauts begin spacewalk to fix Space Station glitch
22 December 2015
'Chandrayaan-2' to land on moon in 2017; Solar Mission in 2018
16 December 2015
Japanese space probe Akatsuki enters Venus orbit on second attempt
11 December 2015
NASA finds an active Black Hole
28 November 2015
NASA successfully installs first of 18 mirrors onto the James Webb Space Telescope
27 November 2015
NASA selects Elon Musk's SpaceX to fly commercial crew to International Space Station
21 November 2015
International Space Station hits 15-year record
04 November 2015
Volcanic activity might have triggered catastrophic floods in Mars, says ESA
15 October 2015
Astrosat captures first images of supernova Crab Nebula
14 October 2015
NASA outlines steps in journey to Mars
09 October 2015
NASA confirms evidence of liquid water flows on Mars
29 September 2015
Under Saturnian moon's icy crust lies a 'global' ocean
18 September 2015
Photos of Pluto from New Horizons spacecraft wow scientists
14 September 2015
NASA pioneers begin simulation of life on Mars
31 August 2015
NASA building new rockets, new launch pads for deeper space probes
29 August 2015
Japan all set to launch its fifth cargo flight to Space Station
13 August 2015
Delhi school team wins NASA space settlement design contest
11 August 2015
NASA seeks support to Boeing, SpaceX to end reliance on Russia for commercial space flights
06 August 2015
Nasa, Isro jointly working on synthetic aperture radar mission
30 July 2015
Isro eyes mission to Venus; may partner NASA
25 July 2015
NASA’s Kepler mission discovers bigger, older cousin to Earth
24 July 2015
NASA’s New Horizons finds frozen plains in Pluto’s ‘heart-shaped’ feature
18 July 2015
Pluto’s mountainous surface could be biologically active, say NASA scientists
16 July 2015
NASA's New Horizons reaches Pluto for historic encounter
14 July 2015
Isro’s PSLV-C28 successfully places 5 British satellites in orbit
11 July 2015
NASA unveils prototype of first aircraft to fly to Mars
06 July 2015
SpaceX supply mission to ISS explodes minutes after launch
29 June 2015
India’s Mars spacecraft completes 100 orbits, may last several years
27 June 2015
UAE seeks Isro’s help to launch its Mars mission in 2020
20 June 2015
European Space Agency's comet probe wakes up after 7 months
15 June 2015
European space chief wants India, China aboard Space Station
13 June 2015
NASA spacecraft detects impact glass on surface of Mars
09 June 2015
Nasa resets revolutionary 'flying saucer' test for 3 June
02 June 2015
India’s Astrosat space observatory undergoing pre-launch tests
20 May 2015
Errant Russian spacecraft expected to fall into Pacific Ocean
08 May 2015
Images sent by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft reveals possible polar ice cap on Pluto
02 May 2015
Unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft veers off from ISS mission: NASA
29 April 2015
NASA to use two former spy telescopes to search for dark energy
28 April 2015
NASA's Curiosity rover finds evidence of water below surface of Mars
14 April 2015
The Solar System and beyond is awash in water
10 April 2015
Mars has frozen water beneath its dust cover, say Niels Bohr researchers
09 April 2015
India’s Mars mission completes six months, gets 6 months extension
24 March 2015
Isro to flight-test reusable launch vehicle technology
04 March 2015
India carries out user trial of 350-km Prithvi-II missile
19 February 2015
Four UK women and a man among 100 candidates selected for Mars One project
17 February 2015
Astronomers discover solar-like system 11.2 billion years old
28 January 2015
False alarm on International Space Station causes panic
15 January 2015
Tesla founder Elon Musk's SpaceX fails to land rocket back on earth
14 January 2015
NASA releases images of galaxy 60 million light years from earth
31 December 2014
HAVOC: Venus better for settlement than Mars, says NASA
23 December 2014
Voyager 1 experiencing "tsunami wave"
19 December 2014
Industries benefit as Isro farms out equipment manufacturing
19 December 2014
Isro completes launch rehearsal of lunar crew module
15 December 2014
NASA’s Curiosity rover finds fresh signs of water in Mars
09 December 2014
NASA re-energises space programme with Orion test-flight
04 December 2014
ISRO set to test Mark III of new satellite launch vehicle
01 December 2014
Mangalyaan in Time magazine’s 25 best inventions of 2014
21 November 2014
Isro awarded Indira Gandhi Prize for 2014
20 November 2014
Rosetta lander touches comet, but glitch hampers anchoring
14 November 2014
Rosetta mission prepares to make first controlled “soft” landing on comet
11 November 2014
Investigators fault pilot’s early `feathering’ system activation for Virgin Galactic crash
05 November 2014
NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover finds mineral match
05 November 2014
Isro’s second Mars mission planned for 2018
01 November 2014
Isro to test lunar crew module on GSLV-Mark III in December
01 November 2014
China’s lunar orbiter returns to earth after flying around the moon in a test run
01 November 2014
Virgin Galactic space craft crashes in California, killing pilot during test flight
01 November 2014
Antares rocket blast seen as “wake-up call” to cut US’ reliance on Russian rocket engine technology
31 October 2014
NASA to continue commercial space launch after rocket explodes on lift-off
29 October 2014
Google celebrates Mangalyaan success with Diwali doodle
24 October 2014
China launches unmanned lunar spacecraft capable of returning to earth
24 October 2014
Mars One (and done?)
15 October 2014
Isro releases first 3D images taken by Mars Orbiter Mission
08 October 2014
Study points to danger from astronauts taking sleep medication
11 August 2014
Nasa’s Mars mission headed for failure warns NRC
06 June 2014
British scientist Colin Pillinger dies at 70
09 May 2014
Ukraine divided; American boards Russian mission to space station
28 March 2014
Space debris likely to be major threat to future space missions: European Space Agency
18 March 2014
West bows to India’s low-cost Mars mission
19 February 2014
NASA solves mystery of doughnut-shaped rock
15 February 2014
NASA plans 5 new Earth science missions in 2014
24 January 2014
Rosetta, ESA’s ‘sleeping beauty’ wakes up from deep space hibernation
21 January 2014
ISRO to launch Chadrayaan-2 by 2016
11 January 2014
Curiosity’s ChemCam laser fires its 100,000 shot at martian rock
09 December 2013
ISRO completes third orbit-raising manoeuvres on Mars Orbiter
09 November 2013
ISRO completes first orbit-raising manoeuvres of Mars Orbiter
08 November 2013
NASA to look for life in Jupitor’s moon Europa
08 August 2013
NASA’s 2020 rover mission to look for past life on Mars
10 July 2013
ISRO gets set for Mars mission
08 July 2013
Voyager 1 still in solar system, earlier reports premature: Scientists
28 June 2013
China successfully launches its fifth manned space mission
11 June 2013
Food could soon be transmitted to astronauts via 3D printers!
24 May 2013
Nasa’s hunt of other world slows down after Kepler snag
17 May 2013
ISRO, NASA to deepen space cooperation
23 March 2013
Cosmic radiation could trigger Alzheimer’s in astronauts: Study
01 January 2013
Experts predict discovery of first alien earth in 2013
01 January 2013
Australia’s giant telescopes set to survey 700,000 new galaxies
01 January 2013
HAL hands over parts for ISRO’s Mars mission
22 September 2012
Curiosity beams back stunning visuals of Martian landscape
08 August 2012
NASA rover `Curiosity’ lands on Mars, starts beaming images
06 August 2012
India plans Mars mission on an $85-million budget
04 August 2012
China puts its first woman into space
16 June 2012
Engine problem aborts first commercial space mission
21 May 2012
Russia abandons Mars probe, prepares for re-entry
12 December 2011
ESA picks up signal from Russia's stranded Mars probe
23 November 2011
No hope of reviving Russian Mars moon probe mission
23 November 2011
Russia's attempts to revive Mars probe unsuccessful so far
10 November 2011
China achieves successful docking in orbit
03 November 2011
Russian cargo ship on way to the International Space Station
31 October 2011
Russia set to resume space station service
29 October 2011
China’s unmanned spacecraft to dock with orbiting module
27 October 2011
India to participate in next-generation radio telescope project
03 October 2011
China launches ‘Tiangong 1' experimental space lab
30 September 2011
China’s space module is precursor for 2020 space station
21 September 2011
NASA to develop massive rocket for deep space exploration
15 September 2011
NASA launches GRAIL lunar orbiters
12 September 2011
NASA breathes easy as Roscosmos determines reason for Soyuz crash
31 August 2011
US, Russia consider pulling out astronauts from space station
30 August 2011
Russia defers launch of missions to and from space station
29 August 2011
Russian cargo rocket to International Space Station crashes
25 August 2011
Russia to shift focus from manned space flights
18 August 2011
Russian company reveals plans for space hotel
17 August 2011
First evidence of flowing water on Mars
05 August 2011
Next Mars rover mission to land at Gale Crater
23 July 2011
Atlantis touches down – end of NASA's shuttle era
21 July 2011
Space debris narrowly misses International Space Station
29 June 2011
Good night! European comet chaser Rosetta goes into hibernation
09 June 2011
Mars exploration: NASA bids Spirit adieu
28 May 2011
Space shuttle crew complete International Space Station assembly
28 May 2011
‘Orion’ resurrected as NASA’s future deep-space explorer
25 May 2011
ISRO to expand research facilities in critical areas
16 May 2011
Resourcesat-2 cameras to transmit pictures from 28 April
26 April 2011
US Space Surveillance Telescope to track space debris
25 April 2011
Boeing offers cutting-edge space technologies to India
23 February 2011
Chandrayaan-2 mission to carry seven payloads
31 August 2010
Dutch scientists launch world's biggest radio telescope
14 June 2010
NASA’s Martian rover sets new longevity record
21 May 2010
ISRO's highest ever budget is three per cent of NASA’s
04 March 2010
NASA radar onboard India’s lunar probe detects ice
02 March 2010
ISRO budget gets a 35 per cent hike
27 February 2010
First infrared images arrive from WISE space mission
19 February 2010
ISRO mulls Mars mission, lunar colonies
28 January 2010
India’s moon mission launch in 2013
28 January 2010
India’s manned space mission scheduled for 2016
27 January 2010
NASA extends www out into space
25 January 2010
Kepler mission discovers five very hot planets
05 January 2010
Chandrayaan-II on schedule for 2013 launch: ISRO
04 January 2010
Russia to share technology with India for manned spaceship
24 December 2009
NASA launches infra-red mapping mission of the skies
15 December 2009
ISRO to up mission rate; developing semi-cryogenic technology
27 November 2009
ISRO may jiggle Chandrayaan-II payloads after discovery of water
25 September 2009
ISRO’s Moon Impact Probe also located water on the moon
25 September 2009
NASA, ISRO confirm the presence of water on the moon
25 September 2009
ISRO, NASA to announce discovery of water on the moon
24 September 2009
‘Major discovery’ from Chandrayaan mission set to be announced
23 September 2009
China starts construction of fourth space launch centre
15 September 2009
Stop putting ISRO down, lunar mission a "fantastic success": ESA
14 September 2009
ISRO to put Chandrayaan-1 data in public domain
10 September 2009
ISRO, NASA joint test with Chandrayaan-1 had failed
09 September 2009
Chandrayaan-1 review committee happy with mission outcome
09 September 2009
China to develop new Long March 6 rocket for space missions
08 September 2009
Chandrayaan-I scientists meet today for technical review
07 September 2009
Chandrayaan-I data to boost research for second moon shot
05 September 2009
Chandrayaan mission confirms moon was once molten
02 September 2009
American astronautics society award for Chandrayaan-1 team
01 September 2009
ISRO looks at a Mars mission by 2013-2015
31 August 2009
ISRO terminates Chandrayaan-1 mission
31 August 2009
ISRO loses radio contact with Chandrayaan-1
29 August 2009
ISRO-NASA in joint experiment with lunar probes
21 August 2009
ISRO completes Chandrayaan-2 design
17 August 2009
ISRO gearing up for Mars mission
12 August 2009
Orbiting space fuel stations to make missions more feasible
10 August 2009
Chandrayaan-II may have N-powered systems
08 August 2009
Tweeting from space
07 August 2009
ISRO should mull putting man on the moon: chief
20 July 2009
On this day, 40 years back, man stepped on the moon
20 July 2009
Chandrayaan-I loses critical sensor, may curtail operations
17 July 2009
Northrop bags Space Fence project to monitor space debris
15 July 2009
ESA, NASA to jointly explore Mars
11 July 2009
China, India, Korea should partner ISS programme: ESA chief
07 July 2009
NASA's LRO spacecraft sends first lunar images to Earth
03 July 2009
NASA, Roscosmos sign $306 million space transport contract
29 May 2009
International Space Station takes on full staff of six
29 May 2009
Indian Air Force to pilot country’s manned space mission
27 May 2009
Atlantis touch down completes Hubble repair mission
25 May 2009
Atlantis crew replace gyroscopes in Hubble Space Telescope
16 May 2009
Kepler beams back first images of star-packed galaxy
17 April 2009
International Space Station to operate till 2020
16 April 2009
Former Microsoft executive Charles Simonyi becomes first repeat space tourist
27 March 2009
Discovery, space station crews prepare to part
25 March 2009
New solar panels to double experimental, manning capacity at the ISS: NASA
21 March 2009
ISRO balloon experiment discovers three new bacteria species
17 March 2009
International Space Station has close shave with space debris
13 March 2009
NASA postpones space shuttle launch after detecting hydrogen leak
12 March 2009
Space shuttle Discovery to lift off tomorrow
10 March 2009
Moon mission among China’s accelerating space plans
10 March 2009
Moon not high enough: India aims for the sun
07 March 2009
NASA puts Kepler space telescope in orbit
07 March 2009
NASA's Kepler to launch tomorrow in search for earth’s twin
06 March 2009
Chinese probe crashes into lunar surface
02 March 2009
Planning Commission clears funds for ISRO manned space mission
23 February 2009
NASA's Kepler mission to seek other earths
20 February 2009
Galaxy loaded with billions of Earth-like planets
16 February 2009
Iran plans manned space mission by 2021
13 February 2009
PlanetSpace protest may hit NASA programme
27 January 2009
The great junkyard in outer space
20 January 2009
March launch for Kepler likely
15 January 2009
Chandrayaan yields unique data
13 January 2009
‘Indian on moon by 2020’
13 January 2009
Yoking NASA's retiring space shuttles for a trip to Mars
07 January 2009
Mars rovers near five years of science and discovery
31 December 2008
New NASA report reveals more details of Columbia disaster
31 December 2008
Chandrayaan-1 payload maps iron-bearing minerals on moon
27 December 2008
ISRO all set for Chandrayan II in 2012, Mars mission in 2013
24 December 2008
NASA to retire 3 space shuttles
19 December 2008
India's joint space mission in 2013 to be manned by ISRO scientists
16 December 2008
Indian cosmonaut to take off for space in 2013
10 December 2008
NASA pushes back Mars mission from 2009 to 2011; delay to increase project cost by $400 million
05 December 2008
NASA planning next expansion of the International Space Station
03 December 2008
PolyU preparing for a Sino-Russian interplanetary space mission
03 December 2008
Space shuttle Endeavour returns to earth, but forced to take a small detour
01 December 2008
Chandrayaan update: 8 instruments functioning, remaining 2 to be activated later this month
01 December 2008
International space station's urine recycler finally repaired
29 November 2008
ISRO feels the heat as Chandrayaan 1's temperature rises
26 November 2008
Astronauts stuck with repairs of urine recycler at International Space Station
24 November 2008
ISRO: Manned mission in earth orbit to precede manned lunar mission
24 November 2008
Centre clears Chandrayaan-II lunar mission
18 November 2008
Chandrayaan-1: Laser Ranging Instrument goes operational
17 November 2008
Indian tricolour lands on the moon
15 November 2008
Chandrayaan-1: ISRO gifts India the moon
14 November 2008
Chandrayaan-1's MIP: Coming in over Malarpet Mountain
14 November 2008
Chandrayaan-1 settles into operational lunar orbit
12 November 2008
Moon Impact Probe launch likely around 14-15 November
11 November 2008
NASA folds up Mars Lander programme
11 November 2008
Chandrayaan nudges closer to the moon
10 November 2008
Chandrayaan-1 fires its way into lunar orbit
08 November 2008
Chandrayaan-1 successfully enters lunar orbit
08 November 2008
Tense 30 minutes for Chandrayaan as it settles into lunar orbit
08 November 2008
Chandrayaan enters lunar transfer orbit
05 November 2008
India, Russia commence work sharing discussions for Chandrayaan-2
31 October 2008
Chandrayaan-1's Terrain Mapping Camera goes operational
31 October 2008
Hubble Space telescope reactivated - repair work not earlier than May 2009
31 October 2008
Messenger spacecraft reveals more hidden territory on Mercury
30 October 2008
NASA to power off Mars Lander Phoenix instruments
29 October 2008
India starts work on Chandrayaan-2
29 October 2008
Chandrayaan-1 orbit to be raised to 267,000 kilometres in fourth manoeuvre
29 October 2008
Chandrayaan-I reaches halfway point
27 October 2008
NASA unveils next generation lunar rover
25 October 2008
Chandrayaan-I reaches record height
25 October 2008
Manned mission by 2012 - astronaut training facility at Bangalore: Madhavan Nair
25 October 2008
Chandrayaan-1 shifted to second orbit, condition healthy: ISRO
24 October 2008
Chandrayaan-1 and China’s spacewalk should be a ‘wake-up call’ for America: Obama
24 October 2008
Russia to allocate 200 billion roubles for space exploration over 2009-11
22 October 2008
Chandrayaan: In commercial orbit
22 October 2008
Swedish, German and the UK’s payloads aboard Chandrayaan-1
22 October 2008
NASA goes back to the Moon, aboard Chandrayaan-1
22 October 2008
Chandrayaan's space schedule
22 October 2008
Perfect start - Chandrayaan in earth orbit
22 October 2008
Indian flag to be fourth on moon-Mars mission: ISRO chief
21 October 2008
Chandrayaan countdown to start Monday
18 October 2008
NASA attempts to fix Hubble Space Telescope run into trouble
18 October 2008
Chandrayaan-I mated with rocket for launch on 22 October
17 October 2008
Chandrayaan – 1: To the moon, and beyond
16 October 2008
Indian Deep Space Network tracks the Koguya and Rosseta space missions
14 October 2008
Moon mission inexpensive; no insurance for Chandrayaan-1
10 October 2008
India's lunar mission, Chandrayaan-I, readying for a 22 October launch
07 October 2008
Chandrayaan-I on way to integration with launch rocket PSLV-C11
03 October 2008
NASA's MESSENGER space probe set to flyby Mercury on Monday
03 October 2008
China set to conduct its first ever spacewalk
26 September 2008
Russia to build space centre in Cuba
20 September 2008
Chandrayaan-I clears critical vacuum test
11 September 2008
Rosetta's close look at a “diamond in the sky”
08 September 2008
Global deep space tracking network to assist ISRO's Chandrayaan-I mission
01 September 2008
India's lunar mission, Chandrayaan-I, to launch either October or December
22 August 2008
ISRO to be part of NASA's second generation International Lunar Network initiative
31 July 2008
NASA's historic attempt to deploy a solar sail
30 June 2008
Martian soil has salts - indicates presence of water in the past
27 June 2008
Phoenix Mars mission: Very likely water, say NASA scientists about “clumps”
20 June 2008
Chandrayaan-1 to now launch in late September
19 June 2008
Space shuttle returns to Earth after 14-day mission to International Space Station
16 June 2008
Discovery heads for Earth, scheduled to touch down on Saturday
12 June 2008
NASA plans to study the galaxy through giant telescopes on the moon
07 June 2008
International Space Station update: Both Kibo and toilet operational
06 June 2008
Unexpected success for Phoenix Mars mission: ice may have been discovered
02 June 2008
Action-packed Day 2 for discovery astronauts
02 June 2008
Mars Lander frees its robotic arm – ready for initial tests
30 May 2008
Mars Lander's robotic arm activated as radio glitch is repaired
29 May 2008
Mars Orbiter develops minor glitch - takes stunning photograph of Phoenix Lander
28 May 2008
NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander makes a successful landing
26 May 2008
Spacecraft searching for life-like conditions set to land on Mars
21 May 2008
Nasa's new water reclamation system headed for duty on space station
14 May 2008
China successfully positions Tianlian-1, data relay communications satellite, for operations
02 May 2008
India's moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, slated for launch in Q3 2008: ISRO chief
29 April 2008
Youngest ever female astronaut and second generation cosmonaut blast off into space
08 April 2008
Shuttle Endeavour is back on earth after record-setting mission to ISS
27 March 2008
Astronauts assemble robot arm, Dextre, after 7-hour space walk
18 March 2008
ESA’s Columbus mission on as Space shuttle Atlantis attains orbit
08 February 2008
Japan lunar orbiter, Kaguya, releases mini-satellite into orbit
10 October 2007
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