Space General
ESA working on air-breathing space thruster for satellites
09 March 2018
Hawking explains nothing existed at singularity
05 March 2018
Musk’s Tesla may have carried largest load of bacteria into space
03 March 2018
New study finds water on moon is widespread and not restricted to area
24 February 2018
Bigelow Aerospace to launch and sell its own space stations
24 February 2018
Elon Musk’s Tesla car to stay in space for millions of years
16 February 2018
‘Pillownauts’ to help scientists understand adverse effect of space travel on human body
14 February 2018
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket blasts off carrying Musk's red Tesla Roadster
07 February 2018
India’s Chandrayaan-2 mission to land lunar rover near moon’s south pole
07 February 2018
Trump administration proposes to end support for the International Space Station
25 January 2018
Chinese space station packed with cancerous chemicals plunges earthwards
03 January 2018
Russia plans to build a luxury hotel on the ISS
23 December 2017
NASA picks finalists for new billion-dollar robotic space mission
21 December 2017
Previous evidence of water on Mars now identified as grainflows
22 November 2017
Astronomers confirm mysterious object seen last month originated from different solar system
22 November 2017
METI message en route to ETs in star system 70 trillion miles away
18 November 2017
NASA’s heavy-lift rocket launch delayed till 2020
10 November 2017
SpaceX launches investigation into rocket engine explosion on Wednesday
10 November 2017
China’s ‘Tiangong-1’ space station may crash down in Europe
09 November 2017
AstroSat imager accurately measures X-ray polarisation of Crab pulsar
07 November 2017
World remembers USSR’s Laika, first dog in outer space
04 November 2017
Spaceships will need to have artificial gravity for manned Mars mission
03 November 2017
NASA finds Mars has a twisted magnetic tail
23 October 2017
New NASA study improves search for habitable worlds
21 October 2017
A mission to Mars could make its own oxygen thanks to plasma technology
20 October 2017
Tiangon-1, Chinese space lab hurtles towards earth
17 October 2017
Elon Musk plans to land spaceships on Mars by 2022
29 September 2017
Scientists report fourth gravitational wave detection
28 September 2017
Russia, US agree to co-operate on Nasa-led project to build first lunar space station
28 September 2017
After probing IRNSS flop, ISRO to resume satellite launches by December
18 September 2017
Distant galaxy sends out 15 high-energy radio bursts
31 August 2017
NASA buys 53 Nikon DSLRs for use on International Space Station
26 August 2017
Voyager maps could lead hostile aliens to earth, fear experts
16 August 2017
SpaceX launches resupply vessel to ISS
16 August 2017
Researchers announce they may have discovered the first exomoon
01 August 2017
Nearly half our bodies may have been made in outer space
27 July 2017
Chandrayaan data reveals new evidence of water in the moon's interior
25 July 2017
Space-age prospectors gearing up to mine the moon
24 July 2017
Nasa says not enough funding to land humans on Mars
15 July 2017
Cosmic 'dust factory' reveals clues to how stars are born
11 July 2017
Mars may not be habitable due to toxic soil: study
07 July 2017
Richard Branson to resume Virgin Galactic's powered test flights, aims space trip for mid-2018
06 July 2017
China’s new heavy-lift rocket Long March-5 Y2 launch fails
04 July 2017
NASA discovers at least 10 new planets that could host life
20 June 2017
Tesla founder Elon Musk outlines plans for Mars colonisation
20 June 2017
Mangalyaan completes 1,000 days in orbit around Mars
20 June 2017
New evidence supports hypothesis that stars are born in a litter
15 June 2017
New experiment to create fresh-baked bread in space
12 June 2017
SpaceX Dragon to deliver research to Space Station
12 June 2017
Isro’s GSLV Mk III successfully places GSAT-19 satellite in orbit
05 June 2017
Paul Allen's Stratolaunch, biggest plane ever built, rolls out
01 June 2017
Construction begins on European Extremely Large Telescope in Chilean desert
27 May 2017
US banned Isro's GSLV in 1992; now Nasa revives it
22 May 2017
Mars’ contours were shaped by heavy rain, says new study
18 May 2017
NASA detects hundreds of mysterious flashes off earth surface
16 May 2017
NASA planning year-long crewed mission around moon in 2027 ahead of Mars mission plans
12 May 2017
SpaceX to launch Inmarsat communications satellite on Monday
11 May 2017
Cassini’s 20-year space odyssey to end in September
11 May 2017
Bezos to sell $1 billion in Amazon stock to fund space project
06 April 2017
NASA, ESA astronauts spacewalk to upgrade space station
25 March 2017
SpaceX working with NASA to identify landing spots on Mars
21 March 2017
SpaceX to launch investors on 1-week trip around the moon
01 March 2017
SpaceX to launch investors on 1-week trip around the moon
28 February 2017
Space dust deploy bubble parachutes on their fiery descent, scientists discover
23 February 2017
NASA telescope reveals largest batch of Earth-size, habitable-zone planets around single star
23 February 2017
NASA telescope finds 7 Earth-size planets around single star
23 February 2017
Particles from outer space wreak low-grade havoc on personal electronics
18 February 2017
Japanese mission to remove dangerous space debris fails
07 February 2017
Nasa spots two massive objects heading towards earth
05 January 2017
UFO Sightings Daily claims existence of life on Mars
31 December 2016
METI planning to make contact with aliens in outer space
31 December 2016
NASA experts conceptualise “Mars Ice Home” to help astronauts meet challenges of Martian environment
30 December 2016
SpaceX delays manned launch of Dragon capsule over safety concerns
14 December 2016
India launches earth observation satellite Resourcesat-2A
07 December 2016
Universe has only another 10 bn years to live, say scientists
07 December 2016
Isro to launch its third remote sensing satellite Resourcesat-2A on Wednesday
05 December 2016
Scientists pinpoint cause of blurry vision in astronauts
29 November 2016
Humans doomed if they don’t find another liveable planet: Hawking
18 November 2016
Hubble successor James Webb Space Telescope set for final trials
05 November 2016
Titan is gorges: Moon features steep, liquid-filled canyons
02 November 2016
Astronauts plant lettuce in International Space Station
28 October 2016
India's GSAT-18 communication satellite launched successfully
06 October 2016
Research resolves a debate over 'killer electrons' in space
05 October 2016
Musk to outline Mars plans today
27 September 2016
NASA finds more evidence of water on Jupiter’s moon Europa
27 September 2016
FAST: China officially opens world’s largest radio telescope
27 September 2016
ISRO’s PSLV-C35 places eight satellites in two orbits
26 September 2016
NASA rubbishes reports that it has changed the Zodiac
21 September 2016
Astronaut Jeff Williams creates new record for most time spent in space by an American
08 September 2016
PNNL scientist joins the hunt for signs of ancient life on Mars
01 September 2016
Antrix sees big future for Indian firms in small satellites
31 August 2016
Isro arm Antrix bags deals to launch 68 foreign satellites
31 August 2016
Earth-like planet found in nearest solar system: report
25 August 2016
Moon Express becomes first firm to win government approval for moon landing
04 August 2016
Virgin Galactic granted licence to restart testing of rocket plane
03 August 2016
Astronauts go undersea to prepare for life on Mars
27 July 2016
Cancelled satellite deal with Devas to cost Isro $1bn
26 July 2016
China’s defunct space station on crash course with Earth
13 July 2016
The Big Bang might have just been a Big Bounce
07 July 2016
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