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Rafael to demonstrate C4I-Connect voice communication system at AeroIndia 2009 news
03 February 2009

Haifa:  Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will display enhanced capabilities of its C4I-Connect, voice communication system designed for the special needs of any nationwide air force command and control (C&C) system at the AeroIndia air show this month.

The C4I-Connect is a high-scale, combat proven system which manages all voice sessions between C&C sites and airborne missions.  In addition, it handles all voice conferences within any C&C site and between different C&C sites in the air-force. 

According to Rafael, the C4I-Connect leverages the most advanced industry standard technologies such as IP, VoIP, and RoIP to offer a powerful solution for any air force.

The enhanced communication planning and implementation capabilities of the C4I-Connect, completely automate the signal officer's work.  The signal officer fills out the daily or weekly mission templates, and C4I-Connect allocates all required communication resources for the scheduled missions.  During the mission, the software monitors the communication equipment and in case of device failure, for example, radio failure, the system automatically switches over to a standby device. 

C4I-Connect's enhanced software drastically reduces the time it takes for the signal officer to plan new missions or change existing missions. In addition, these capabilities optimize the air force's use of its communication apparatus, thereby decreasing the budget needed for new radio equipment.

Lova Drori, executive VP marketing at Rafael says "The wide experience that Rafael has gained over the years, developing communications software and hardware for the Israeli Air Force, has enabled us to understand the requirements and provide the best solutions for today's air forces around the world."

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Rafael to demonstrate C4I-Connect voice communication system at AeroIndia 2009