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ATR turns 2007 into a record year of orders news
25 January 2008

Paris: Toulouse, Southern France-based regional aircraft manufacturer, ATR, a world-leader in the 50-74-seat turboprop market has announced orders for 113 new aircraft in 2007, which are record sales for any single year since the beginning of the programme.

Annual turnover for 2007 is also at a record $1.1 billion dollars, a growth of 56 % as compared to 2006, which had earned the manufacturer $700 million.

Announcing the results, ATR CEO, Stephane Mayer said through a statement, "This commercial record of 2007 represents a real milestone in ATR's history, and, coupled with the announcement of the launch of the '-600 series aircraft, it makes 2007 a memorable year.
We are also proud of having almost doubled our deliveries in one year, and of having delivered the first turboprop aircraft equipped with In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) in the passenger cabin. Consolidating our success over the long term is a real challenge. We know that to maintain this success we must continue offering our customers the technological innovations and product improvements that make our aircraft the most cost effective in the market as well as to offer the high level of customer service they expect. This continuous improvement is our commitment to the market"

For 2007, ATR has booked orders for 113 new aircraft and options for 26 aircraft. 74 of the new orders come from new ATR customers with some 52 per cent being booked with carriers in the Asia Pacific region.

In 2007, ATR has also expanded its commercial success to new markets such as the Philippines (10 new aircraft) and Malaysia (24), while consolidating its strong worldwide market share.

Since the recovery of the turboprop market starting in the beginning of 2005, ATR has booked orders for 266 new aircraft.

From the beginning of the programme, ATR has sold 950 aircraft (417 ATR 42s and 533 ATR 72s).

ATR portfolio is today composed of more than 130 operators in some 80 countries.

ATR delivered 44 new aircraft in 2007 as compared to 24 in 2006, thus representing a production increase of over 80%. From the beginning of the programme, ATR has delivered 757 aircraft (397 ATR 42s and 360 ATR 72s) through 31st December 2007.

ATR has a backlog of 195 aircraft through 31st December 2007, an increase of some 120% compared to 2005.

ATR has also recorded a strong increase in the annual turnover, reaching an amount of $1.1 billion in 2007 double that since 2005.

ATR market share of the 50-74-seat turboprop market for 2007 is also over 50%.

In 2007, ATR has also significantly developed its support and services capabilities worldwide. It has opened two spare parts distribution centres in Auckland and New Delhi, and a customer support centre and a training centre, both in Bangalore.

Spare parts and services activities posted a turnover of some $209 million, a strong increase of 37% as compared to 2006. During 2007 ATR has also inked Global Maintenance Agreements (GMA) with four companies, covering more than 20 ATR aircraft.

For 2008 ATR plans to deliver more than 60 new aircraft and prepare a larger production capacity in order to meet expected market demand. It also intends to increase its turnover to over $1.3 billion.

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ATR turns 2007 into a record year of orders