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Boeing breaks sales record for third year in a row, with 1,413 orders for 2007 news
07 January 2008

Boeing crossed the 1,000-order mark for the third consecutive year in a row, beating its 2007 commercial aircraft sales record with 80 customers placing orders for 1,413 aircraft. This figure is net of net of cancellations.

Boeing had posted 1,005 orders in 2005 and 1,044 in 2006.

For 2007, Boeing set sales records for the 787 Dreamliner and the 737 even as the 747, 777 and 767 programmes crossed milestones.

With 2007 sales taken into count, Boeing's order backlog now stands at more than 3,400.

The 737 programme set a third consecutive annual record with net orders for 846, breaking previous totals of 729 net orders in 2006 and 569 net orders in 2005. The 737 passed the 7,000 total order mark last year.

As part of the continuous upgrades that the 737 aircraft has undergone, Boeing delivered the first 737-700ER to ANA and the first 737-900ER to Lion Air last year.

It was another record-setting year for the 787 Dreamliner programme, despite the six-month delay announced in September, with 369 orders received in 2007. Total orders for the aircraft now stand at 817.

The 777 aircraft registered its second-strongest sales year with 141 net orders, lifting total sales for the type above the 1,000 mark.

While the 747 finished the year with 21 net orders, 20 freighters and one VIP, taking total sales past 1,500, the 767 programme had 36 net orders, taking its total sales above 1,000.

Boeing's freighter programme enjoyed a third consecutive record sales year, with 83 gross orders for cargo aircraft in 2007, up from 81 in 2006 and 74 in 2005.

"Clearly we've had our share of challenges during the past year [with the 787], but our customers understand the issues and market acceptance of our products and services has been nothing short of remarkable," commercial airplanes, president and CEO, Scott Carson said. "2007 told us that global demand for commercial airplanes remains strong and sustained."

Airbus is scheduled to announce its final order tally for 2007 at the end of January. It has had a strong 2007 as well, judging by the November figures, logging 1,204 gross orders.

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Boeing breaks sales record for third year in a row, with 1,413 orders for 2007