DGCA issues fresh directives on aircraft landing procedures

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued fresh directives on standard operating procedures to all scheduled, non-scheduled and general aviation operators.

The new directive detailing 'correct' landings by pilots and standard procedures on manning of cockpit, follow the recent accident in Mangalore that resulted in huge loss of life and property.

The DGCA has asked all operators to ensure that all pilots aim at 'correct' landings, rather than achieving soft landings at lower "G" values that may compromise the runway stopping distance required.

"Based on feedback received from various quarters, it is felt that pilots need to be made aware that achieving a particular "G" ("G" is the acceleration constant for gravity) value on touchdown is no measure of a good landing.

Landings should be judged not by how soft the landing has been, but if it has been made at the correct speed and touchdown zone on the runway. The airplane manufacturer lays down limits of "G" values for landing, and certain operators need to guard against imposing much lower values in their FOQA programmes," DGCA said in the directive on 'correct' landings.

In case of an "unstabilised approach", if not timely corrected, a "go-around" is recommended, which affords pilots another opportunity, to conduct another safe approach, DGCA said.